Losing Weight With Online Programs

by : Robert Kokoska

Many people just do not feel like facing the people at the gym each and every day. They force themselves to exercise in the face of others who are, in their minds, more beautiful and in better shape. This offers only one outcome for the person trying to lose weight, failure. When you feel forced to do something and you are uncomfortable in a situation, you are left with negative feelings that will throw your weight loss plan out the door, the key may just be online diet plans.

For every major diet plan in the world, there is an available online diet plan. These plans offer a wealth of tools online for the dieter and tend to be less socially stigmatic than the local gym. Daily meal plans, menus, exercise tips, fitness programs, journals, online motivation and a forum section for discussion among members are just a few of the perks of these programs. But, there are negatives to the online craze.

There is very little need for follow-up. No one is there to tell you you need to work a little harder or eat a little less. The one thing about a gym is that we tend to push ourselves harder when we see that there are others around us sweating profusely. This extra adrenaline kicks in and we tend to burn more if we are in the right state of mind. The online program offers guidance, but little reason to really follow the program.

Then there is the cost, many online programs will charge upfront for 6 to 12 months of access. The reason the sites do this is because of the impulsive nature of the people who join. They see a television show or an online advertisement and they want to do this program, right now. Soon, the interest fades and they stop visiting the site. So the owners of the site collect all of the money upfront.

The key to making the most of the online diet plan sites is to use several of them and print off the FREE menu plans and the FREE fitness routines. Use this as a guide to making your own plan. Buy a journal, write down everything and even create your own workout gear with some T-shirt iron on transfers. All of the knowledge of those online programs can be pulled from the FREE parts of the site. There is nothing a person trying to lose weight should have to pay for.

If the gym is just not your cup of tea and seeing muscle heads lift huge bars of weight just does not pump you up, the online diet plan may be for you. The key is to use the FREE parts of the sites and to stick with the plan even when times get hard and you lose interest. Try picking up a weight loss partner to join the plan with you and workout together, trade meal plans, celebrate success and talk about failures together. This will help keep you on track and moving toward your goal.