Best Weight Loss Idiots Diet Calculator

by : Robert Kamau

The easiest and really quick way to lose weight is using an online diet calculator that works out the most efficient menu to shed pounds of fat. The best weight loss package that will guarantee you fast fat loss is the fat loss 4 idiots e book and calorie generator. This cleverly designed method of dieting is simply the most popular and most downloaded online. It has mastered the art of taming metabolism to burn extra body fat in your legs, thighs, chest, belly flab, love handles and abs.

Most people out there believe that losing weight means starvation and taking absolutely no fat. Many more think that a low calorie diet will do the trick but the reality is far from that. Infact, studies show that failing to take fats altogether, interferes with the digestive system since enzymes are produced.

Essential lipids are made of fat and are the base element that forms the digestive enzymes. Enzymes in your body act as catalysts in the digestive and absorption of food. With compromised digestion comes vulnerability to disease as your immune system becomes compromised from poor diet.

There is a little secret to fat loss that even the weight loss pill companies don't want you to ever know. This is how your metabolism works. If you knew this, then losing fat from your body would become such an easy task that you can add and lose a few pounds whenever you feel like it. Metabolism is the process that burns down calories in food into energy for body to use.

This rate is such that it burns just the right amount of calories you throw at it. No more no less. But you need the metabolism to be able to burn body fat in addition to the food calories you eat.

Fat loss 4 idiots has revealed this secret to losing fat that they don't want you to know by devising an accurate calorie generator that works on shifting the amounts of calories in each meal. Once the brain cannot predict your next meal's calorie content, it begins to randomly guess the metabolism rate needed.

The randomly shifting calories generated by the calculator ensure that there is just enough of metabolism to start digesting fat cells in your body and you start losing weight, guaranteed.

There are many people that have used the calorie shifting fat loss idiots diet generator with amazing results in under two weeks. One thing that the 5% successful weight watchers have learned is that food was never the enemy in the first place.

This method will actually get you on a 4 meal diet plan while most others lead you on to starvation, misery and disease vulnerability.