Diet Program to Burn Fat Really Fast Online

by : Robert Kamau

You want to lose weight very fast for that upcoming party, occasion or wedding and you don't just know where to start. The best and most effective diet plan is fat loss for idiots. This idiot proof way to burn fat really fast will work to help in reduction of belly, back, chest, tummy and thigh fat. You can lose over 9 pounds of fat in less than 11 days. And that's a fact because this program uses the principle of calorie shifting.

Calorie shifting is simply a diet plan that confuses your metabolism rate such that it ends up not only burning the calories in your meals, but also turning to the stored fat in your body. Usually metabolism will only burn calories in your food and won't touch the fat stored in the body.

An example is when your body is used to taking about 3000 calories a day, your metabolism is adjusted to burn that exact amount of calories. If you decide to starve yourself with one of those other harsh diet plans and do only 1000 calories a day, your metabolism also adjusts to burn only 1000 calories. Nothing more nothing less. The trick in weight loss is to manage to sustain an increased metabolism rate to also start burning fat really fast.

Since the rate of metabolism is determined by a hormone from your brain. This rate usually depends on the amount of calories that you normally take in. That is to say that your metabolism depends on the recent past history of calories in your normal diet. Any changes in the diet quickly triggers the rate to reduce or increase if the body detects a continuous trend in the gain or loss of calories in the food eaten.

Calorie shifting weight loss program introduced by fat loss for idiots book includes a calorie calculator that randomly adjusts the calorie content available in the recommended foods. This in effect affects the metabolism by confusing it such that it cannot predict the amount of calories in your next meal.

The fat loss 4 idiots calorie calculator automatically computes the type and amount of foods that you need each day and takes away the hassles of manually calculating the same from diet charts and tables.

Once your metabolism rate is confused, it ends up producing a higher rate to burn the calories in the food. Way past burning these calories, the process turns on to burn calories in the stored fat deposits on your tummy, thighs, chest, back and sides hence reducing pounds of weight in your body.