What Weight Loss Surgical Options are Available?

by : Amy Nutt

Weight loss surgery, or Bariatric Surgery, is a surgical method that is used to aid in weight loss through alteration of the digestive system. Only those who are considered morbidly obese can have weight loss surgery and morbidly obese is defined as those who are at least one hundred pounds overweight. For those who qualify for weight loss surgery, there are several options that are available. But first there are three classifications.

The classifications

The classifications of weight loss surgery are as follows:

Biliopancreatic Division - This procedure is commonly referred to as BPD, but is rare. Many also know it as gastric bypass surgery. The reason why it is not performed frequently is because patients were found to experience malnourishment. How it works is that a smaller stomach pouch is formed out of part of the stomach. Then a small part of the intestine is connected to that pouch. This completely bypasses the jejunum and the duodenum. Patients who undergo this procedure must take supplements to compensate for the loss in nutrients from food.

Vertical banded Gastroplasty - This is a procedure that is also called stomach stapling. A part of the stomach is permanently stapled to create a smaller pouch out of part of the stomach. This smaller pouch is considered to be the new, smaller stomach.

Jejuno-ileal Bypass - The top part of the jejunum is connected into the ileum, which is located at a place that is further down the smaller intestine. This is another procedure that is known to cause malnourishment because the food does not pass through all of the areas of the jejunum that absorbs food. Without proper nourishment, a person can also experience liver failure. This is one procedure that is no longer performed on patients.

Vertical Banded Gastroplasty - This is also referred to as lap band surgery and many are familiar with this. This procedure also forms a small stomach pouch, but it is done by an adjustable band. The band is adjusted through a "vale" or "opening" in the stomach that the doctor can easily manipulate to make the band fit comfortably.

The most common

As stated above, the Jejuo-ileal Bypass procedure is no longer performed, so that should not be a procedure that is requested. It is also stated that the Biliopancreatic Division surgery is not as common anymore either. However, this procedure can be performed on a patient if it is found that it is necessary.

As for stomach stapling, this term is actually a loose term that describes a number of weight loss surgeries in which a small pouch is permanently formed. This process cannot be reversed and it is very important for the individual to take supplements to make sure adequate nutrition levels are achieved.

However, the most popular of these surgeries is lap band surgery because of its ability to be adjusted. If the patient is not getting enough food to sustain themselves, the band can be loosened to make the pouch larger. It can be adjusted until optimal weight loss is achieved while taking in adequate nutrients. Those who have the lap band procedure done lose weight about as fast as someone doing both diet and exercise. However, there are some who are not able to incorporate exercise until they eliminate some of the weight.

But out of the available procedures, it is up to the patient which they would like to have done and which the doctor recommends. Every individual is different. Where one person may be able to have a stomach stapling procedure, another may not and have to go with the lap band procedure. Either way, weight loss isn't just a dream but a reality.