Pursuing A Natural Weight Loss Plan

by : Scott Salter

The best way to lose weight is to focus on an effective and natural weight loss plan that involves a reduction in the intake of calories and an increase in physical activity - amazingly most people choose to ignore this advice. You would think this simple set of instructions should be easy to follow but currently a massive 35 percent of Americans are overweight and continuing to get larger, and they aren't the only ones around the world!

The truth is that it is easier to maintain a healthy weight range than it is to lose excess pounds once they've been put on, and the heavier you are, the harder that losing weight becomes. This is something that all of us know deep down: that if we do not watch what we eat and how much we exercise, then we are dooming ourselves to a fatty future.

Even if you have lost weight with a calorie controlled diet, it is quite often the case that you are soon reverting back to your old eating and non-exercising habits and therefore watching those just lost pounds go straight back on again. Losing weight through a natural weight loss program is possible though and it can be done before you get to a stage where people are staring at you in the street or you're experiencing health problems because of your excess weight.

The importance of maintaining the correct weight is more than just for attractive looks, especially when you consider that the number of health problems related to weight and obesity is continuing to grow. Natural weight loss is largely about the food you eat so stick to a diet which is low in fat, includes complex carbohydrates, is high in fiber and contains a moderate amount of protein. A meal such as this would be something like a baked potato (complex carbohydrate), vegetables (for fiber) and a lean cut of meat (protein).

Unfortunately, dietary fat contains higher amounts of calories than ordinary food and when consumed will be converted to body fat more readily. Despite the number of either low fat or zero fat foods on the market, American people continue to put on weight, but there is a very good reason for this. The misconception is that if you are eating something fat-free then you won't be adding extra fat to your body but all food contains calories, just not always in the form of fat. Where this theory goes wrong is with overweight people who think that if it's fat free they can eat more of it, instead of eating a healthy snack.

A natural weight loss diet shouldn't be viewed as a diet in the traditional sense - i.e. something that it pursued for a few weeks to reach a desired weight goal. A natural weight loss program is something that should be carried out for as long you are on two feet and wishing to feel good about yourself.