Fresh Ideas Herald Fall Decorating

by : Melissa Galt

(ARA) - Looking for a room with a view when there is none? Can't afford to move, or renovate? Check out the latest in affordable decorating trends, including wall mural graphics, accent pillows, throws and rugs and greenery.

It's easy to change accent elements in a room to make the transition to fall d├ęcor. If your larger pieces of furniture are covered in solid or tone-on-tone fabrics, you can add flair with pillows, throws and even area rugs. Pillows can be warm and cozy chenille, elegant damask, stylish satin or handsome wool.

Throws also are available in many styles including tapestry-backed velvet, long-fringed chenille, or soft, fuzzy acrylic. Area rugs can be found for as little as $250 for a 6x9, which is the ideal size to use as an accent, even over wall-to-wall carpet. Pillows, throws and rugs are great ways to make a quick change without investing too much, and stores like Pier 1 Imports, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Marshall's always have the latest styles.

Adding greenery to a room also changes its look and adds a feeling of life. Silk plants are fine, and with proper cleaning they can last for years. When decorating with plants, keep it simple. You should limit floral arrangements to no more than one per room, but you can be more generous with green plants. Bookcases benefit from a plant on every third shelf or so, and the top of an armoire is also a good candidate. It's especially easy to buy ready-made containers for your plants or arrangements, in styles ranging from bright brass, silvery aluminum, sparkling glass, to more casual ceramic or terracotta in stores including Michael's, Home Expo and Garden Ridge.

Wall-sized murals also can transform a space, quickly and easily. Whether you want to create the illusion of a garden vista, a soothing seascape, or even an island paradise, your options are wide open with the many views available.

If a photo mural isn't your preference, try an original artist's rendering, which can be far more cost effective than a wall of original art. Don't forget that kids' rooms also need a change with school starting again. Because their style preferences change as quickly as their shoe size, wall murals are an easy way to redecorate as their tastes and interests change.

Because they are easy to install and easy on the budget, wall murals can even be changed seasonally. You can enjoy a warm tropical view during the winter, and change it to the cooler, crisper look of a peaceful mountain lake during the summer. Environmental Graphics has been designing these home-enhancing vistas for 30 years, and mastered an easy installation method that even the most craft-challenged can complete successfully. EGI's murals are available at Lowe's and Sherwin-Williams stores nationwide or on the net at For more information, visit

Keeping your home up to date will lift your spirits and improve your energy, and may provide a perfect excuse for a party. Greet the fall season with gusto!