Danger! Fad Diet Ahead

by : Terry Edwards

While diet pills spread the market and are all over our TV sets, fad diets are spreading their good news of losing weight through magazines and books. The ads may seem believable at first when you look at the before and after pictures they have posted to prove their claims that their diet is effective. However, that only works for those who are not informed, so don't be one of them.

Before risking your health, and your money, on these types of weight loss plans, let's take a look at just a couple of the reasons why this may not be such a good idea after all.

Carbohydrates are good

While some health conscious people see carbohydrates as an "enemy", doctors do not think the same thing. Carbohydrates serve a very important role to our body. They are the source of our bodies' energy and as you shed a few pounds due to a fad diet, your body losses the everyday power to do its regular work. Most often people who stop the intake of carbohydrates feel fatigued and weak during the day.

Also, the pounds you lose are not the fat in your body, but only water weight instead. And although you may feel like you are really starting to reach your goal of losing weight, your body and mind are not on the same page so to speak.

Is it harmful to me?

Not all fad diets are harmful, but more are than not. The restriction of calorie intake can really lead to a serious health problem if you are not careful. Trying to force your body to survive on 700-950 calories a day is not good for your system and leads to problems. Aside from that, once you stop the madness of these fad diets you immediately gain all of the weight back anyway. And in most cases you'll gain even more than you did before you started.

Starvation is one effect which doesn't help you, your body, and your health. So, before risking your health to be fabulous, find a diet plan that incorporates good, healthy foods and allows you to lose the weight over time instead of all at once.