The Truth About Losing Tummy Fats and Love Handles

by : Cheow Yu Yuan

It is very common nowadays that people start to wonder how to lose tummy fats or how to lose love handles. As the nature of work is becoming more fast-pacing, more people are eating unhealthily and not finding time to exercise. This eventually leads to undesired weight gain and an increased of people who are overweight.

Tummy fats and love handles are nice phrases to describe those fats that accumulate on your lower abdomen and on each side of the waist respectively. These fats are all unwanted fats and the only way to get rid of love handles and tummy fats is to lose weight.

To lose weight effectively, you need to have a weight loss plan that focuses on healthy diet and consistent exercising. By eating the right meals and exercise regularly, you will be able to make your body's fat burning system to burn away those tummy fats and love handles that have resided on your abdomen for years.

Let us first talk about having a healthy diet plan. With a healthy diet plan, you will be able to reduce your overall body fat and maintain your weight at a healthy level. Skipping meals will not bring you anywhere. A healthy diet plan will not instruct you to skip meal as skipping meal will only make your body keeps food longer in your stomach as fats for energy.

Instead of skipping meals, what you can do is to take meal which consists of low calories and have smaller portion every time when you eat. Take in more vegetables and fruits to digest food faster to prevent them from remaining in your stomach and cause it to be bloated. I know that sometimes it is tempting to take in some chocolates and soft drink. But if you really want to get rid of your tummy and love handles, you need to be disciplined and do not take food which consist high calories.

Next, with a healthy diet plan, you need to have a regular exercising plan to back it up. Having love handles and tummy fats mean that you have too much body fat. Therefore, the best way to get rid of love handles and tummy fats is to lose body fat by exercising regularly.

Develop an exercise plan that make you at least work out 3 times a week. Each exercise session should last at least about 45 minutes. You can either go to the gym or slow jog in the park. For working adults, if your surrounding of your workplace is not convenient for jogging, I strongly recommend you to join a gym club near your workplace and visit it 3 times every week.

Regular cardiovascular workout routine is the best way to gradually reduce your love handles and tummy fats. With healthy diet and regular exercising, you will soon be able to dress more confidently and not worrying about those protruding fats near your abdomen anymore.

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