Jay R Ell Brings Hope to Hip hop

by : Rene Stanley

New York, New York - Local teens launch website and CD to lift the spirit and heart in order to help families deal with pressure of youth, school and heartbreak.

Jay R Ell, two brothers, is a musical duo whose music has been described as inspirational urban to some and positive hip hop to others. Jay R Ell's CD, I Got Everything, is an universal musical anthem that transcends race and culture. Jay R Ell also speaks about social issues and the power of God. Jay R Ell's music is family friendly.

There are many music CDs and websites but very few will promote goodwill and self esteem while diminishing material gain and self indulgence. Jay R Ell has offered free CDs to youth ministries, schools and non profit groups.

“Most teens want to know that they are not alone in whatever they are going through," says J.R, “So, they search for ‘extended families’. You can only hope that the families that they find will project a positive influence in their lives..

Ell’s advice to other teens is to “Always be yourself. You determine what’s cool-not clothes, sneakers and jewelry"

“I Got Everything is not about a house or a car, I Got Everything refers to who you are."

Jay R Ell are young people with words of encouragement for all people. Jay R Ell co-produced the CD and co-wrote 7 tunes on the CD. London “J.R" (16) and Elliott “Ell" (13) are teens who strive everyday to meet the challenges of our fast paced and stressful world. Jay R Ell’s extraordinary messages of hope will leave you obsessed with the music of Jay R Ell as you find yourself singing their lyrics long after the CD has played. Jay R Ell’s poetic funk will take you on a full journey of emotions, from foot stomping, hand clapping dance euphoria to bittersweet melancholy of missing someone you love.

Everybody Loves a Winner #7 is a fusion of Rock and R&B that is energetic and fun and encourages everybody to step up their game and play to fullest. R U Ready brings life challenges to the forefront and reminds you that if you are prepared you will always be triumphant. Come and Feel My Love #4 is the sing-a-long love song that renews your faith in love and comforts and heals your wounded heart. While Knight in Shining Armor #5 assures you that your help and protection is never very far away. She’s Right #8 is a dance favorite and Flip It #11 proclaims that it is time to change the game and enjoy life.

The Meeks Lewis Project performs the back up vocals and lends a Gospel flavor to this mix of soulful renditions. Robert Meeks contributes to the music for Come and Feel My Love while Willard Meeks Jr. provides the music for True Love Interlude. Both musicians are accomplished in their field as they have worked with several pop, R &B and gospel artists and have performed at a host of Broadway shows.

Jay R Ell can be found on the World Wide Web at www.jayrell.com. # # #