Who Says Nothing Lasts Forever?

by : Patricia Twitchell

In a world of instant gratification and so much that is made to be tossed out after one use, there are some things worth preserving. Childhood memories are among those things worth safeguarding.

As a new grandmother, I fully appreciate the importance of teaching my son ways to capture memories of his first-born. Memories that will last for years to come.

With some forethought memories that could easily slip away can be preserved for years. When it comes to our children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews, isn’t it worth doing everything possible to capture their childhood experiences in a unique way?

I still have a teddy bear given to me as a child. It is something that will forever remind me of my childhood. I have to wonder how much that childhood gift influenced my decision to open a teddy bear gift shop over ten years ago. A store that allows me the privilege to advise parents, grandparents, sister, brothers, uncles and aunts about gifts that can last that special child a lifetime.

There is nothing more rewarding then knowing I am helping someone create fond memories through the choice of a special gift. Whether it is a unique picture frame, a special teddy bear or a distinctive gift such as a pewter case like ones from the A E Williams English Pewter selection, each gift is very carefully thought through.

Something else I enjoy are conversations I share with my customers about what they do to create and preserve memories with their loved ones. Knowing how busy folks get, it is so refreshing to hear of how they take time to do something special.

If you are someone who seems to always be busy, do yourself a favor and share quality time with those you love. Create fun experiences and rituals that are uniquely yours. You will forever be happy you did.

Take plenty of pictures to capture those infant years that quickly turn into adolescent years that quickly turn into adulthood. Photo albums filled with precious experiences make wonderful gifts for first time parents as well as grandparents.

Enjoy the wonder that is such a big part of a child’s experiences. Put yourself back into the feeling of what it was like to discover something for the very first time. Think of how a child feels the first time they discover a butterfly gently landing on a flower. Or what about the first sight of a plane in the sky? Perhaps it is the discovery of what happens when water and dirt mix. Realize they have uncovered a hidden treasure with that one.

Regardless of the discovery, it is in a moment a memory is made. When all is said and done, isn’t life really about the memories we create with those we love? And aren’t the memories what lasts forever?


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