Angelina Jolie Eats Crickets

by : John Howard

Angelina Jolie is a well known Hollywood actress for her sexy, slim and trim body which she maintains. She first started her strict diet to get herself ready for the popular film named Tomb Raider. Angelina also considers the role very close to her own life and it was the most difficult challenge ever faced in her life. She dedicated herself to regular workouts and strict diets to maintain the figure which was necessary for the role. Apart from this, she also swapped her habits of smoking, cigarettes and drinking with vegetables, soy milk and meat. Earlier she even skipped breakfast and instead drank a cup of coffee and smoked a cigarette.

Something unusual about this celebrity is that she depends on insect diet at times. This is considered to be her passion and for this her husband, Brad Pitt also supports. Once they even served a plate of green crickets for their son. She loved fried cockroaches, crickets and several other insects which are considered to be rich in protein. After all she is in search of new recipes to start cooking these delicacies right at home.

A diet is complete with regular work outs and she is insisted on this with pure hard work to burn out those extra calories. The training schedule included street fighting, kick boxing, canoing and yoga. The special diet which Angelina depended was on steamed beef or sea bass, vegetables and soy milk. Absolutely no sugar at all was used to maintain the body in its real attire.

The final result of her work out showed up on her body with those sexy curves and she was pretty happy about this. She has a slim a trim figure which still makes her look sexy. The body achieved with constant workouts made her work pretty easy for the film Tomb Raider where she had to do the most difficult task of sword fighting, dog sledding, spear throwing and bungee jumping. She was quite new to all these but did great works and practice to attain the reality and experience in the same. Ultimately it reflected in the movie very well. She also strictly neglected the use for another stunt woman as she was pretty confident about her work outs and practice.

Angelina Jolie was successful in her career with her great looks and profile which attracted audience towards her. The hard work she persisted was what paid back to her with a sexy body with visible curves!