Want to Lose Weight Fast?

by : Liz Labrum

Your burning desire might be to lose weight and to do it quickly, but do you want the inevitable consequences that come with fast weight loss?

That is more fat, less muscle and an even bigger fight to lose the weight again? If you've been trying to lose weight and feel that it's a never-ending struggle and you'd like to know how to break free then read on.

Buried Emotions
When we are battling to lose weight there is usually a simple truth behind the little white lies we tell ourselves when we overeat. That truth is that we eat for emotional needs rather than for physical hunger and nourishment. When you discover how to turn this situation around you'll have the foundations for lasting success.

Pinpoint Where it Goes Wrong for You
Let me help you. First off think about when and where and what you eat that leads to problems.

Think about what time of day it is. Also consider what type of food you tend to head for.

Now review those scenes and notice the triggers that make you head for food. Also notice what kind of state of mind you're in as you eat. Would you say it's similar to a trance-like state? You know that state where you can eat and eat, never tasting, seeing or savouring the food that's speedily devoured? Then when you're done you come back to consciousness and all those remorseful feelings of disappointment and failure wash over you and you decide that you're doomed to fail so you may as well give in and eat some more.

If that scenario has a familiarity to it let me ask you a few questions.

Has this sorry state of affairs held you back for long? Are there places you'd love to go, people you'd go out with if only you felt more confident? What else do think you are missing out on?

Well from this point on I want you to realise that you can choose to choose to do things differently. I've helped lots of people successfully lose weight by helping them use an effective, yet simple strategy.

Would you like to know what that is? It is simply to eat slowly.

There, that's all you have to do to start the turnaround in your life with weight issues and food. Just eat slowly, focus on the tastes and textures in your mouth and chew thoroughly and savour each bite.

You can eat what you like and when you like. You only have to commit to eating slowly.

And to make it even easier for you to succeed I suggest you commit to doing this for the next three days only. Then at the end of the three days review how it was for you and pay particular attention to what you enjoyed about the freedom of eating what you wanted and really savouring its taste, smell and textures.