ABCs of Becoming an Effective Teen

by : Lin Miao

A: Acquire a Strong and Positive Attitude

B: Break Out of Your Shell

C: Characterize Your Hero

D: Demand Respect For Your Standards, Yourself and Your Beliefs

E: Energize Yourself Everyday With a Goal of Making a Difference

F: Failure to Plan, is Planning for Failure

G: Go Big or Go Home

H: Humility is Power

I: Itemize Your Qualities and Seek your Strengths Not Your Weaknesses

J: Jealousy Will Always End in Negative Not Positive

K: Keep your Momentum, Never Stop, Keep Moving!

L: Live Your Life

M: Magnify Your Opportunities

N: Nothing is Better Than the Truth

O: Okay, You’ve Failed, Now Get Back Up!

P: Position Yourself in Positive Environments

Q: Quality Over Quantity

R: Realize Problems and Quickly Fix Them

S: Stick to the Purpose

T: Treasure All Your Friends, For They’re Your Most Prized Treasures

U: Understand That All Things Have a Purpose

V: Visualize Success and Don’t Be Afraid to Fail. You Miss 100% of The Shots You Don’t Take.

W: Work Hard If You Expect Success

X: X It Out! You’re Better Than That

Y: Yes, is Not Always the Answer. Learn to Say No!

Z: Zoom into Reality, and Zip the Fluff

Copyright 2004