Metabolic Rate and Its Effects on Metabolism

by : Ranju Kumar

Are you worried of your friend losing weight but not showing half the results what she or he enjoys? This is all because of your metabolic balance and it varies from one to another. Depending on this metabolic rate, you will find a varied way of losing weight among different persons.

What is a metabolic rate?

Metabolic rate is a rate at which your body burns calories to sustain life. Even if you are sleeping, your body burns out your calories endlessly. The main part in our body to burn out these calories, even if we are not performing any physical activity is our "Muscles". Because of these qualities, muscles are well-known as "Metabolic Reactive".

There are different factors or determinants and among this age may determine the differences in metabolic rate.

One among all those factors with lesser influential is "Stress". The normal processes in the body get disturbed due to this stress and most of the people who are stressed out are more prone to slower metabolism. This in turn makes them to gain more weight than compared to those who experience lesser stress. It has been observed that people eat more when they are depressed or stressed.

A gland called "thyroid" in our endocrine system is responsible for controlling our body weight and other bodily processes. This affects the hormonal production especially involving thyroid is certain to affect every person giving different results.

Drinking water is also a main factor. The bodily process mainly depends on the water content in our body. This signifies that those who hydrate well have the possibility to have faster metabolism than those who have lower levels. Inadequate water intake may obstruct your body processes consequently affecting one's metabolic rate.

Another strongest factor is of course the food we eat. The food what we eat varies from one's lifestyle. Most of the people today are fond of fast food which leads them to an unbalanced and unhealthy diet and giving higher calorie intake. More the calories you intake, reduces your metabolic rate, and hence more weight you gain.

One of the top determinants of metabolic rate is the activities involving your body. There should be a perfect balance between your food and the activities that your involve in.

Metabolic rate would be high when the muscular tissues are more. An individual with more active muscle tissues lose weight faster than those who do not.

According to experts, muscles are the major factor in a person's metabolic rate.
Therefore, people should be conscious of all these factors, so that it would easier for them to work out well and maintain their own means of slimming down.