What Is the One Reason You Fail to Lose Weight?

by : Thomas Henricks

A recent, very successful weight loss program has nailed down in very simple terms why you fail to lose weight. It is really quite obvious and simple.

You are eating the wrong foods. That is the short of it! You are consuming the wrong calories and to complicate that issue you are consuming those calories in the wrong order.

To lose weight you must plan the sequence of calorie intake so that those calories get utilized by your natural metabolic processes.

The fable citing "lack of exercise" is just a myth that has been kicked around by everyone from doctors to exercise and health clinics. Food intake is the primary governing factor in your weight loss efforts.

Let's just step back and think for a minute. How have doctors treated the most extreme cases of obesity that require immediate attention to prevent death. They DO NOT place these people into an exercise program. They need to get them thin enough for that "maintenance program" before exercise is even a consideration.

What do they do to resolve the issue?
They cut off the food supply. The only sure and most effective way to guarantee that happens is stomach bypass surgery. This always leads to steady weight loss. Now we don't want to resort to that surgery. That is extreme but it does serve to highlight the real issue.

The food you take in is the culprit! So where do we start? Well, a key factor in the weight loss equation is the fact that you must consume the correct type of food in a systematic sequence so that calories will be burned by your natural metabolic processes.

To lose weight it is counter-productive to allow your body to store those calories in your body. This leads us to a pretty simple conclusion to this point. You must eat the right foods in the right order. It's not really any more complicated than that! It is not effective to simply begin starving yourself and madly dive into some extreme exercise routine.

There is a little talked about principle that will automatically come into play. Your body metabolic system will detect any significant reduction in calories intake and it will then adjust the body's response by decreasing your rate of metabolism and burning fewer calories each day.

That is why you have failed in your past dieting attempts, that's why you always seem to fail when you try and starve yourself.

People are buying more "low fat", "calorie reduced", "non fat" and "no sugar added" products today and yet they are still getting fatter.
Most of the popular weight loss diets are simply starvation programs.

As we have stated previously, your body will try to prevent weight loss due to starvation by automatically adjusting your metabolism.

So what do you need to do in order to lose weightin a predictable and natural process. You simply need diets fashioned that allow you to eat quantities of food that appease your hunger but yet work together with your metabolism to burn those excess calories.

Simple planning which foods should be eaten in what order does accomplish this. You can eat often and you can eat liberal quantities. The secret to weight loss is simply learning which foods you should eat and what order you should eat them in.

You can "eat happy" and lose weight.