Is Now The Time For Your Fat Burning Workout?

by : Kevin Sinclair

If you want to lose weight and build muscle, you should know that fat burning workouts will help you do just this. Not only will they target specific areas of the body to build muscle in, but they will also keep you fit as a whole. Therefore, make sure you include these types of exercises for every part of your body as you work out.

If this is to be a truly "fat burning" workout, spend more than 20 minutes doing continuous aerobic exercise. This is because when you begin your routine, your body uses the fuel that's most easily available to you, which are the excess carbs you consume. After about 20 minutes, these carbs are gone and your body will go to burn fat next. Once your body is burning fat fuel, though, it will keep doing this for up to six hours after you have stopped your exercise program.

To get the best effect from your exercises, the exercise itself should be slower in pace, aerobic in nature, and longer in duration than those you might be used to doing. They should also involve most of your major muscle groups. What makes this so beneficial is that it gives you the most benefit of any type of exercise. Low intensity exercise also taps into your fat resources to use as fuel. Aerobic exercise is also beneficial because it makes your heart and cardiovascular system stronger. It also lowers your blood pressure and optimizes cholesterol levels. Basically, "aerobic" exercise improves oxygen efficiency as your body uses it during extensive exercise.

These types of fat burning exercises include walking, running and jogging, swimming, cycling, elliptical trainer exercise, or any type of whole body fast-moving activity, such as working out on a ski machine. If you do this for 20 minutes, you get your fat burning well underway. One of the best ways to start inexpensively is to purchase a home treadmill or elliptical exercise trainer and begin your fat burning exercise program.

If you need lower impact exercise to save joints, you can try swimming, walking or yoga. You should begin with three days a week, working out every other day, and then move this up to five days a week as you increase your fitness level. The best way to ensure that you stay faithful to your actions program is to make it fun. If possible, get a buddy to work out with you so that you're never bored.

Most of these types of fat burning exercise can be done in your home, but if you want to go to the gym, feel free to do so. Just make sure whatever you do you make exercise a regular habit. Especially in winter when cold weather makes working outside difficult, working out at a gym or with a home exercise program will ensure that you stay focused. And because fitness takes some time, it's easy to get discouraged, but keep at it and you'll soon see results. Remember, your health and well-being are important, so staying focused on your exercise program will not make you only look better, but feel better and live longer.