Make Sleep a Part of your Weight Loss Regimen!

by : James Petersen

Late night partying has almost become a part and parcel of the urban society lifestyle. To be honest how many of us don't wait eagerly for the evening since daybreak? Due to globalization there has been a considerable increase in the levels of income of the middle class and the upper middle class. Hence the extravagant splashing of money in these so called night outs. Again late night partying is not just about going to a disco or a pub with your friends and dancing it's also about smoking, "boozing" eating junk so on and so forth. And most of you must know what a great contribution these habits make in increasing your weight. And if you don't its high time you wake up to this hard reality.

Let me remind you that we are not talking about night outs as such but the lack of sleep which is an aftermath of these night outs. Though we tend to take it quite lightly, but lack of sleep is one of the major contributors of obesity, and my dear friends it's not me who is giving you this wise dictum but it's the experts who say so, and to your much dislike, has been proved right in various researches.

Lack of sleep is one of the prime causes of childhood obesity. A survey was conducted on these and the results will shock you-1 in every 4 boys in the UK were found to be obese and the ratio is still higher in girls. Children don't go for night outs so what's the cause? Television and video games have been found to be the culprits. Of course there are children who are genetically obese but we will not go into this as it is a different field of study. A small add on- children of working mothers have been found to be more obese than those of the full time homemakers.

Now let me explain you the relation between deficient sleeping and gaining of weight, in simple scientific language, so that you can grasp it in a better way. Here it goes-when we have a proper sleep of about 8 hours a day, hormone secretions in our body remains regulated. But if we fail to do so the secretion of a hormone called 'leptin' decreases by 18% and that of another one called 'ghrelin' increases by 15%. So all of you must be thinking what's the issue with that? The issue here is that leptin is secreted when we are full and satiated whereas ghrelin when we feel the need for food. Thus the results you can think for yourself. And these are only the two of the many hormones which are secreted when we disrupt there workings via irregular sleeping habits. Lack of sleep also makes you lethargic through the next day which again leads to obesity.

I know that 80% of you reading this article would discard it and would continue with your present lifestyle because you think that it does not affect you, or even if it does and makes you obese you can or other such weight loss pills. Well, wait for few months or few years and you would know what I mean. Yes, xenical weight loss is effective and you can easily get xenical online and get rid of your extra weight. But whatever one may say, a diet pill like is after all a medicine, which if provides cure for obesity, can give other side effects. And anyways just for few moments of enjoyment, would you like to risk your body and health? Or would you like to live your life on a ?

So make sleep a part of your weight loss regime; if you already have one. And if you don't, all that you need to do is to have a proper sleep. I am not asking you to sweat out in the gym or start dieting; I am just asking you to sleep. This is the least that is expected of you in making our generation a healthier one. You can contribute this much can't you? After all what can be more relaxing than a good nights sleep after a hectic day, isn't it?