Fats - the Good and the Bad

by : JessieMcfarland

It is true that our body requires fats to stay healthy and fit. Without fats, vitamin A, D, E and K cannot be carried and utilized by the body for its specific functions. Without fats, the cell membrane in your body cannot function normally. Without fats, the nerve fiber contain in the cell membranes of the brain will become retarded in its function to carry messages. A deficiency of fats will cause production of certain hormones such as prostaglandins to be impaired resulting in body malfunction. In addition, fats are necessary for the insulation and cushioning of our various vital organs such as kidneys and the heart to protect them from injury and hold them onto their rightful place. Fats are therefore just as essential for the bodily functions as other nutrients like protein, carbohydrates and fiber. Taking fats in a meal helps to slow down absorption of food so that we can stay full longer.

Whilst there are good fats that are keeping our body healthy, there are also some bad fats. There are called bad because our body can do without them. In fact they make us sick. The trans fats are hydrogenated fats manufactured from vegetable oils found in most of our processed foods such as the biscuits, cookies, fast foods, confectionery found in the supermarkets. Consuming food with trans fats are known to cause diabetes, obesity, visual impairment, increased blood cholesterol and paralysis of the immune system. Thus one must avoid the bad fats altogether from our daily diet if we want to stay healthy.

On the other hand, we are made to believe that saturated fats found in animal protein are bad and can lead to coronary heart diseases and other complications. Many articles have been written to blame saturated fats for the high cholesterol in our body that is linked to heart disease.There are also studies carried out which gives opposing views to suggest that high cholesterol is not as bad for our body. Their studies have suggested that there is a no clear case that heart disease is caused directly by high cholesterol in the body. High cholesterol in your body is mainly due to genetic inheritance as well as your lifestyle habits. It is too presumptuous to say that your existing high cholesterol will go away if we cut off saturated fats. Only regular exercises such as aerobic or cardiovascular exercises will help. High cholesterol may also be due to poor thyroid function caused by high sugar but iodine-deficient diet. As a natural protective defense, the body will produce more cholesterol. Out body requires the cholesterol to protect us against free radical damage that can lead to heart disease and cancer.

In conclusion, fats are a necessary part of our life - the diet we consume should contain about 20-30% of fats.However the consequence of taking too much of the wrong fats can take a toll on our body.