Weight Loss Advice - Weight Loss for Men

by : Alien

Common misconceptions regarding the subject of weight loss are heard through and through in our daily lives. Women, for example, think that we men don't care about our weight, and that we don't go on diets as often as women do

Health Risks Of Male Obesity

The health risks of obesity in men are well documented. They include higher incidence of hypertension, heart disease, cancer and type 2 diabetes.

Hypertension (raised blood pressure), which is sometimes called the "silent killer", is a major contributor to heart disease. It affects 7 out of 10 obese men. In addition, obesity is an independent risk factor for heart disease. For example, atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries) is 10 times higher in obese men compared to those who are not obese. Male obesity is also associated with an increased risk of prostate and colon cancer. It is also a significant cause of type 2 diabetes, with almost 80 percent of type 2 diabetics being classified as obese.

Be realistic about weight loss

Aim for a loss of two lbs max in weight per week. Although we all like to see the pounds dropping off quickly it is not helpful or healthy. More than that and you will just be burning up muscle rather than fat which will slow down your metabolism making it harder to loose weight long term. Weight can fluctuate for all sorts of reasons. Don't be disheartened because you've agonized for a week but the scales say you haven't. Stick with it.

Here are additional tips for you to lose weight fast!

1) Cut back (Cut your intake of food to ? of your normal serving size)

Slowly reduce your intake of food. The more food you consume, the harder it is to lose those fats. For starters, just reduce your normal serving by one quarter.

2) Stay Away From Fast Food

The amount of flour and oil used to make these foods is enough to turn anyone off from taking them. These are high calorie foods that should be avoided at all costs.

3) Increase Your Activity Level (Burn off unnecessary fats!)

Exercising is the best way to lose weight. The more you exercise, the more calories you burn.

4) Only eat when you are hungry. (Mouth itch is not allowed)

The lower the intake of food is, the better it is. Remember everything you put into yourself is additional calories.

5) Set a goal (As the saying goes "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail")

Setting a realistic goal is very important, it gives you the motivation to go the extra mile. Use a food and training journal to keep track of your progress. It allows you to set targets and keep track of your weight and food intake as well as exercise routines.

6) No Soda (Loaded with calories, don't be fooled by diet soda either)

Soda or even Diet soda is loaded with calories. A lot of sugar is added to give you the sweet taste.

7)For added motivation why not consider joining a slimming club. Many people find this helpful as good advice is coupled with regular checks. It's also a great way to meet new people.

Stay Away From Fast Food

Speaking of McDonald's, fast food (in all it's forms) is in no way beneficial for you if you're trying to loose weight. I know its convenient and it tastes pretty good but weather it's their breakfast lunch or dinner, it's not good for you at all on all sorts of levels. But that's a whole other article so I won't go into detail here.

A Subject Not to Be Taken Lightly

There's no doubt that women face more social pressure to look slim and attractive. But even men who are happy with their cuddly-bear physiques should take a serious look at the risks of carrying around too much weight.