3 Ways to Improve your Weight Loss Efforts

by : Sharon Bell

Now that you are ready to begin your journey towards a thinner you, you must equip your self with the necessary mindset in order for you to maintain your motivation or will power. Losing weight puts a strain not only on your muscles, but more excessively, on your mind as well. And losing mental steam in the middle of your journey makes all your plans of having chiseled abs and Herculean pecs go up in smoke.

So before you set out to achieve your ideal weight, you must first learn how to organize and manage your efforts in a more intelligent and clear-cut approach. How will you prepare your mind for something that will require a lot of time and sweat? How can you ensure that your drive will not sputter before your goals are achieved? Read on and learn a few concepts that can help you in losing weight the proper way.

Specify Your Goals

One of the most important steps in losing weight is the setting of specific goals. Most people are contented with saying that they will lose weight and will be thinner by the year's end. Such a broad indefinite goal can often result to frustration or mean that the person is not at all serious about doing something about his or her weight. In the end, such goals can be futile.

But if you express your goals in a clearly defined manner, your chances of actually shedding off that spare tire on your tummy becomes higher. Program your mind to lose, say, 30 pounds in three months, and you can expect definite results.

A key to setting goals is to always keep them short as possible. The statement of your goals should approach the length of a Buddhist monk's mantra; so when you are experiencing low moments in your journey to losing weight, you can easily chant your goals to get you back on your feet.

Set Achievable Goals

This part is a matter of life and death; that is, for your goal of looking like Shazam. More often than not, the entire goal-setting idea can get you all excited and perked up; and then you end up aiming for the moon. When you set goals, be sure that your goals have a high possibility of being attainable.

In your goal of losing weight, you simply can not look at losing 200 pounds in two weeks! Or you can not set a goal of losing a pound per month and expect your body to be thin in twelve months. The key in setting realistic goals is making sure that you are not making it too harsh or too easy for yourself. And always be conscious about the thin line between reality and hallucination.

Slash Your Big Goal Into A Series Of Small Ones

You know why you are fat? It is because all your life you tried to gorge down everything on super size. If only you have learned how to be content with small portions of food and everything, you will still be able to look at the depths of your belly button without using a mirror.

Same with your goal of losing weight; in order to have a bigger chance of achieving your big goal, try to attain it by cutting it into a series of smaller goals. Instead of competing in the New York Marathon this year, why not try potato sack races first? The point is if you try to achieve a big goal as a whole, you may get choked and in the end you will only fail. Dividing your goals into long-term, mid-term, and short-term will be easier for you to handle.

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