Be Serious With Your Child Future

by : Madhur.G.Bajaj

As a parent your biggest responsibility is to prepare your child for the future , physically emotionally and mentally.

The first big Intellectual Challenge your child will face is the Entrance Test for G and later for the First Standard . Every parent will feel anxious.

We know that a child is born with a million of brain cells called Neurons and they form connection to each other called synapses. You can mae the synapses strong by providing your child with a variety of Input & Experiences. If this is not provided at an early age we lose an important learning opportunity.

The early years are most important. Children who are well prepared at home are more confident, enthusiastic, and involved at school. Children who have not received these vital inputs tend to be more withdrawn and less involved. Children are natural learners. They need to be stimulated with a wide variety of inputs.

Preparation begins at home right from the time your child is born .

A rich and diverse learning experience will help to create a complete and well developed personality.

This is the best way to prepare your child for success in school. Don’t you think so?

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