Magical Dolphins Ans Surfing Cats

by : Lani Lowell

Hawaiian Children's Books celebrate the magic experienced by the keikis(children) of Hawaii. Hawaiian Surf and Dolphin Magic is the newest original Hawaiian Children's book for adults and children alikw who are enchanted by the natural magic of Hawaii.

Magic Dolphins can be real or imaginary- both "species " enchant humans who are sensitive and open to the Magic dolphin's loving vibrations. Many of the Magic Dolphin teachings are revealed in the Hawaiian Children's book series, beginning with Hawaiian Surf and Dolphin Magic.

Hawaiian Surfing is quite different from surfing and bodysurfing anywhere else in the world. Hawaiian Surfing has a special magic to it as it is the place where the art and sport of surfing began. Nalu is the word for Hawaiian Surfing.This word holds the secrets of meditation; the secrets to the magic of Hawaiian Surfing. Order Secrets of a Kahuna Bodysurfer:A Spiritual Adventure Guide Book and Cards by Lani E.Lowell to learn more about Hawaiian Surfing.

Kauai's Magical Secrets are expeienced strongly by those who visit it's magical shores from around the globe. The profound secrets are now exquisitively captured in a wonderous book series by author Lani E. Lowell. Now Kauai's Magical Secrets can be revealed and experienced anywhere in the world.