Lose More Weight by Increasing Caloric Burn Rate

by : Sharon Bell

Losing excess weight is all about metabolism. There are people who have slow metabolic rate so they can be the Nutty Professor if it ever goes to Broadway; while there are those who can chomp on a tray-full of burgers yet they look like the zombies in Resident Evil. Metabolism is responsible for burning down the calories in the body; the faster the metabolic rate, the more calories get burned.

You should think about your metabolic rate in a mathematical equation, more like the one you will find in grade school quizzes. It usually goes: if Johnny had 2,000 calories in one day and burned away 1,500 in the same day how many calories are left? Well, manipulating this equation in a weight loss perspective can help you shed some pounds. As your calories come from the food you ate, you must be able to burn equal or more calories if you want your weight to go down.

While it is true that every person has a unique metabolic rate, you can actually do a lot to speed up your metabolism. If you are desperate about losing the spare tire around your tummy, you should simply work to increase your metabolic rate to burn more calories. Here are some activities that can influence the rate at which you burn calories in the body.

Build Up Your Muscles

Here is a fact. Every pound of muscle in your body can use up about fifty calories daily. So why not increase your muscles? Regular trips to the gym have been found to increase metabolic rate by as much as fifteen percent. What's good about having more muscles is that these tissues continue to burn calories even if you are at rest. Building up your muscles does not only guarantee that you will lose weight, it also increases your self-esteem by making you look better.

Increase Your Body Movements

People who live sedentary lifestyles burn a little more than ten percent of the calories in their body. An average person who is just trying to make a living can expect a thirty percent calorie burn rate through activities like walking to the coffee shop or walking the dog. Given these statistics, you must try to increase the movements that you make. In fact, why not keep moving while you can?

To keep reminding you about increasing your body movements, you can write it down on several pieces of paper and stick them to your computer screen, bathroom mirror, and even on your entertainment den at home. Increasing your movement does not necessarily mean you have to wave your hands as if you were in a televangelist's show. Instead you can increase the pace or repetitions of some movements that are already part of your normal day to day activities.

For instance, you can get up from the couch to change the show on the television instead of using the remote control. You can swing your legs and tap your feet under your office desk as you work. You can stand up and walk back and forth while talking on the phone. And finally, wiggling or drumming your fingers, no matter how insignificant, qualify as extra movement and can increase caloric burn rate.

Eat Foods That Help Burn Calories

Finally, try to eat foods that can help you burn calories. Foods rich in Vitamin C can dilute the fat in your body and help increase metabolism. Spicy food like chili and pepper are proven to raise your body's capacity to burn calories by as much as fifty percent.

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