Weight Loss V. Good Health

by : Roger Leblanc

In our zeal to lose weight we often lose sight of the more significant issue of good health. Certainly it is good for our health to lose unwanted fat, and of course we all want to look good in front of the mirror. But it is vitally important to remember that good health is the number one concern and looking good in your jeans is a distant second. I emphasize this because I am continually put off by the number of diet plans or weight solutions that either do not encourage overall health or are actually detrimental to your health to begin with.
So called diet pills, which include the "natural" herbs such as hoodia, are effective in decreasing your appetite. But these pills imply a "quick fix" solution that does not encourage a healthy diet or stress the importance of proper exercise. Also dangerous are plans where you essentially starve yourself of proper nutrition or the outright fraudulent suggestion that you can burn pounds of fat with just ten minutes of exercise a day. Keep in mind the old adage: if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Not that every plan is equally bad. In fact some are fairly good, such as weight watchers and Jenny Craig. My only reservation against these is that they seem to neglect the value of exercise in overall health.
Remember; weight loss is an important part of a good health program, but it cannot be the entire program. A good and healthy weight loss program ought to fit well within an overall program of health and fitness. This takes both a healthy diet and regular exercise. Any plan that appears to go counter to this is to be absolutely avoided. Don't believe me? Ask your doctor at your next yearly checkup.