6 Weight Loss Common Myths

by : JessieMcfarland

There have been many myths written on losing weight that probably explains why some people are successful in losing weight and some not. Here are some common myths on weight loss.

Weight Loss Common Myth # 1
Choose Fat-free food because fats make you fat

This is not true. In fact, certain fats especially the essential fats that have been missing from most people diets actually help us to lose body fat. Fat-free foods have fat removed from its contents and they are not calorie-free. The fat-free foods are loaded with sugar and other carbs that will eventually convert to hard fats. No fat diet or low fat diet is unhealthy and we should learn to differentiate the good fats from the bad fats.

Weight Loss Common Myth #2
Skip breakfast to lose weight.

Studies have shown that people who have breakfast, performs better mentally than those who skips breakfast. If you skip breakfast as a meal, you will tend to overeat during lunch and cause your weight to move up. Your body needs only so much and any excess is stored as fats.

Weight Loss Common Myth #3
Controlling your food intake alone can lose weight

Diet gives you the energy your body needs. If what you consume equals to what your body used up, there is no excess calorie left for storage. The problem comes when the opposite happens and you consume more than you used, then some form of exercise can help you to lose the extra calories. Exercise is an excellent way to increase your body metabolism to burn off fats.

Weight Loss Common Myth # 4
A big stomach needs to eats more

There is no big or small stomach just the cravings and the state of health you are in. If you eat until your stomach is full you may be overeating. Count the calories that you taking and anything in excess should not be eaten. Overeating cause obesity and weight problems and it is harder to remove the extra kilos - you know it!

Weight Loss Common Myth # 5
Being Fat is In My Genes!

You do not blame your genes for the type of food you are consuming. You are living in a high tech environment where internet accessibility is everywhere so there is no excuse to remain overweight that can kill you if unchecked.

Weight Loss Common Myth # 6
Eat Sugar-Free Food is Better

These days there are sugar-free food sold in stores everywhere. Sugar free foods have no sugar sucrose in them but artificial sweetener like Aspartame and Saccharin are often added as substitutes. There are also natural sweeteners like maltitol made from corn added in place of processed sugar. Be aware that sugar-free doesn't mean calories or carbohydrates-free. Read the food labels for guidance on the calorie count.

Learn the truth and you may well be on the right path in losing weight effectively if you can differentiate betweeen them.