Is Dieting a Fast Solution in Losing Weight?

by : MN Nikk

Dieting is the practice of taking food in a synchronized method to achieve a particular objective - weight loss. It is restricting your food intake to trim down your body weight. Your choice of diet may work for you but not for others because we have different metabolism and lifestyle. Many believe that the more restrictive a diet is, the faster it will give better results to you. Some people join weight loss programs, be blamed for not doing what they're supposed to do and end up with no results at all. Are these programs effective and safe?

If you just want to lose 5 pounds within a week to attend that fancy party and you don't care about the price of crash dieting, then you should be fine with almost any quick diet out there. If, however, you want long-lasting results and a new, better way of life, then this type of diet is clearly not for you.

The only way you can lose weight with a fast diet is by reducing the amount of fluids in your body. So most of the time, a quick diet will make you lose those 5 pounds from the water you body retains in fat tissues, muscular tissues and major organs. Unfortunately, there's no way to know how your body will react to a provoked dehydration, so instead of losing the water trapped in the fat tissues, you may very well lose water trapped in your muscles or liver or brain.

If, at any point, you feel like you are a little bit slower than usual, you find it a bit hard to focus and to accomplish the common tasks of everyday life, and then you're experiencing a mild dehydration that has affected your brain. Useless to say that this can turn out to be potentially dangerous because there's no way to know when your brain will overheat because of lack of water. Physical exercise is important in making your weight loss permanent. The more you exercise, the better it is for your body health and also for your mind but combining a fast weight loss program with physical exercises is dangerous because you can really lose more water in your body.

Drinking plenty of water is good to prevent dehydration of your body. But the fact is that once the kidneys are stimulated to work overtime, the balance of your body is affected and the results are absolutely unpredictable. If you would lose the water trapped in the fat tissues then all is fine - unfortunately body fat contains only 25% percent water. Now guess where the rest of the water is to be found! In your muscles - muscles contain about 75% water. Furthermore, in men, about 72% of the body mass is water and only 68% in women, due to a higher amount of body fat.

Don't starve and dehydrate yourself too much. Don't let your body suffer just because you want to lose weight quickly. Choose a healthy diet that will help you lose weight without putting yourself at risk and will give you long-lasting results. Lose weight in the right way or it might result ending up your own life.