Making Summer Friendships Last

by : Deborah Shelton

Summertime isn’t just about getting dirty, staying up all night, playing in the rain, and going off to camp--It’s about meeting new people. Follow these tips to turn your vacation acquaintances into lifelong friends.

1. Summer Memory Book

Make the summer last forever by preserving memories in a special book. Fill the plastic sleeves of a photo album with photos, ticket stubs, sections of road maps from summer trips, and other mementos. When you’re finished, exchange memory books with your closest summer buddy.

2. Picture Postcards

Keep in touch with vacation friends by sending picture postcards. Scan summer photos and print them on cardstock paper, 4 per page. Use scissors to cut individual cards. On the blank side, include your friend’s address, your return address, and a postage stamp. Don’t forget to write a cool message!

3. Pen Pal Club

Start your own pen pal club! Swap addresses with your new friends and make a commitment to keep in touch. Be creative— don’t limit yourself to writing letters. Send an inexpensive gag gift every so often, or an audiotape letter. Send lists of your favorite things. For instance, one month send your pen pals a list of your 20 favorite movies, and then compare your lists.

No matter how you decide to keep in touch, don’t let summer friendships end when summer ends.