Fat Loss Idiots - How to Choose a Diet Plan

by : John Davenport

Many diets are so complicated that it's impossible to know how they work. They either require a PhD to figure out or that they're so difficult to implement that you're better off not even giving it a try. I mean, I even heard about diets in which all you can eat are fruits. Can you imagine that? Who can live on nothing but fruits for any reasonable length of time? Sure, it sounds great on the package as a marketing line, but it has no bearing on real life.

Other diets require that you get special kinds of food which are guaranteed to make you lose weight. Well, here's a newsflash: the creators of these diets earn more by getting you to buy all those special foods. And these special kinds of foods, which are always herbs or teas or some chinese extract, are usually very expensive that you can't afford them for any length of time. You're setting yourself up for failure.

Great diets are supposed to be:

1. Simple. In fact, even an idiot should be able to understand them and to start acting on them in his or her day to day life.

2. Easy to carry out - When you start a diet plan you're relying on the knowledge of experts, but it should still be easy to carry out. If it requires getting special kinds of food or ordering tea or something over the mail, forget about it. If you can't get everything at your local supermarket don't even start this diet.

3. Easy to live with - If a diet plan requires serious deprivation you won't be able to stick to it for any length of time. Of course, you need to cut back on what you eat or you'll never lose weight, but if you want your weight loss to last into the future, choose a diet which is reasonable and which lets you eat a balanced menu each day.

Make sure your diet plan follows the 3 rules above and you'll succeed even if your a total idiot when it comes to diets.