Rapid Fat Loss - is it Bad for your Health?

by : John Davenport

Everyone wants to lose fat rapidly. It's only natural.

But sometimes, a too rapid fat loss may be unhealthy for you. It can also signify a danger to your body.

When you start to lose weight, it is important that you pay attention to the signals your body is sending you. If one of these signals appears, you may be on the wrong diet, one which may be harmful to your health:

1. Fatigue - If, after you've begun your diet, you start to feel tired all the time, require more sleep, can't seem to keep your eyes open and feel lethargic, you may be on the wrong diet. All of these signals may be induced by a lacking nutrition. If you're on a low carb, low fat, or low calorie diet, you should stop it for a few days, eat normally and see if your fatigue passes. If it does, you're following the wrong diet and may be damaging your health.

2. Lack of Concentration - If you start to feel that your concentration is wavering, that it's taking you longer than usual to make simple calculations or remembering things, you may be depriving your body of necessary nutrients. Again, if this occurs, put your diet on hold and see if you feel better.

3. Your overall appearance - When you go on a diet and start to lose weight, you're supposed to look better, not worse. If people are complimenting you on how you look that's a good sign, but if a friend or member of your family remarks negatively on how you look, it should be a red flag and you have to ask yourself why this is happening. It may signify that you're following a bad diet.

Losing fat rapidly is excellent and it can't be done in a safe and healthy manner. Make sure that you're eating enough and not starving yourself. If you starve yourself you may see some initial results, but these will be short termed. The damage to your health, however, may be more permanent.