Fast Fat Loss - How to Lose Fat and not Gain it Back

by : John Davenport

When you go on a diet you want to lose your excess fat as fast as possible. Everyone has his or her own pace, but it is possible to lose a lot of pounds in a matter of weeks. In fact, I personally lost over 30 lbs. in as little as two months.

Many diet plans promise you a fast and massive fat loss. It seems tempting, I know, but only a handful of diets can deliver on this promise in such a way that you will maintain your weight loss. Most diets may provide an initial fast fat loss, but can be destructive in the long run. You may end up gaining more than you lost. How can you make sure that your fast fat loss is healthy and that you'll keep it off?

Here are a few simple steps you can do in order to ensure that you will lose fat fast and keep it off:

Fast Weight Loss:

1. Set goals - When I wanted to lose weight, I knew exactly where I wanted my diet to go. I had a target weight and I was determined to reach it. Determination plays a key role in your diet success.

2. Drop junk food and sodas - Junk food and all kind of sodas inhibit your weight loss. Cut them out of your diet and you will experience and fast burst of fat loss.

3. Do some light exercise - If you've been idle for a long time, even light exercise can turbo charge your body to burn a lot of fat in a short time.

How To Maintain Your Weight Loss:

1. Don't starve yourself - Avoid low fat and low carb diets. Most importantly, avoid low calorie diets. These diets can get you initial results but they are setting you up for a fall. You can't stick to such diets for a long time as your body will become used to low quantities of food or will not be able to handle some food groups as well as it should.

2. Keep setting goals - Don't forget where you were and where you want to be. Keep your goals well in sight and it will help you to maintain your weight loss.

3. Use a simple diet - Make sure you understand the diet you use and why it works. Make sure it's easy to use. If it's hard or involves expensive food or something which is hard to come by, it will be hard to stick to. It may provide fast fat loss in the beginning, but it will not last.