What Phentermine Does and What it Does Not?

by : John Scott

Since the problem of excessive weight became sort of an epidemic which has affected more people than you may think, people started to heed to medical handling in order to take a grasp on their weight loss success. Now, there is a prescribed drug called Phentermine that can aid the obese in their struggle for weight loss. Like most prescription medications, Phentermine is not without side effects. Most of these side effects have been reported to be seemingly harmless but the occasional serious complication has occurred with Phentermine use. For this reason, we recommend Phentermine not be used as a form of cosmetically altering your bodies weight but on the contrary, it should be used to help serious medical risk patients attain a more acceptable weight that will reduce their risk for grave disease.

Phentermine comes in either capsules or tablets in several colors with three different strengths: 15, 30 and 37.5 mg. It should be noted that Phentermine is a short term management drug that is not meant to be used for an increased period of time. It is said that after just a few weeks, the body can build a defense against the drug and cease to work properly.
The way that Phentermine functions is by using the central brain mechanism to suppress appetite. Because of the strength Phentermine is known to have, we recommend that it be the only appetite suppressant taken at the time of consumption.

If you are a patient who is suffering from serious illness due to clinical obesity, Phentermine can prove to be a successful way of treating the obese that are in a life threatening position to lose weight. Although Phentermine does help, the amount of weight that you actually lose will depend on the physical activity you decide to engage in and the diet you decide to employ.

As stated earlier, Phentermine is made to be a short-term drug only. It is estimated that while the body is building a resistance mechanism toward the drug, the patient should be diligently working towards a healthier lifestyle by trying to change harmful eating habits and increasing physical activity. It is believed that if done correctly, the body can accustom itself to the new lifestyle as the Phentermine pills stop working and therefore need not be taken any longer. Phentermine alone will not work miracles. It is only through a combined diet and exercise plan that Phentermine has substantial results.

The most common brand names out there for the generic brand, Phentermine, are IONAMIN and ADIPEX-P. These aren`t the only brand names currently being sold in the market, however, when it comes to their effects on targeting obesity problems, they are all the same. There are two forms of Phentermine pills that can be acquired, one: time release capsules, that release the effect of the drug around 8 to 12 hours after the drug is consumed and two: immediate release which means exactly what it says, the effects are immediate once ingested and released into the blood stream.

As any drug, Phentermine is not without side effects. Some of the more common side effects include:

Blurred vision, dry mouth, sleeplessness, irritability, upset stomach or constipation during the first few days while your body adjusts to the medication. Other undesirable effects include central nervous system effects, gastrointestinal disturbances, and changes in libido. Alcohol can increase the unwanted side effect of dizziness.

Chest pain, pounding heart, difficulty urinating, difficulty breathing or swelling while taking this medication

Primary pulmonary hypertension (PPH) and cardiac valvular disease have been reported in patients receiving a combination of Phentermine and Fenfluramine (Phen-fen) or dexfenfluramine. The possibility of an association between PPH and the use of Phentermine alone can not be ruled out.

It should be mentioned at this point, that there are various phentermine alternatives including Hoodia and Acomplia, that have less to no side effects of Phentermine. Meanwhile, their effectiveness is less proven than that of phentermine. Please be also advised that Phentermine has a chemical structure much like that of amphetamines and if screened for, Phentermine could result in a positive screening for amphetamines.

It`s possible to have certain withdrawal symptoms after stopping Phentermine use while the body is given the appropriate time to return to normal. There isn`t a set time for normality to return after Phentermine use. Each case is determined by the amount of Phentermine that was consumed and how long it was used.

Phentermine was not designed for everyone. If you are someone who is just looking to better your outward appearance then Phentermine is not for you. People with a serious illness that can become life threatening with prolonged obesity are perfect candidates for Phentermine. It should be mentioned that an "ideal" body weight will never be attained by an overly obese person while on Phentermine. Phentermine is just used as an aid in combating obesity and the terrible medical risk factors that come along with it. It is only necessary to lose some of the excess weight in order for it to have an impact in your overall health. It is estimated that a modest weight loss of about 5-10% of the initial body weight can be lost if applied correctly.

Again, Phentermine alone is not enough to combat obesity. It is important to adopt a healthy lifestyle making sure to keep a natural diet and a steady exercise routine (even if very small). So if you are clinically overweight and are in risk of serious illness, then Phentermine just might be the thing for you.