What Makes Hoodia Gordonii Work as a Weight Loss Supplement

by : Vanessa Arellano Doctor

is a succulent cactus-like plant from the Kalahari Desert located in South Africa. This weight loss supplement has actually been long used by the local tribes or bushmen in the area, allowing them to ward off hunger when they go on their long hunting trips to the desert, making them more efficient in terms of catching prey. Now, different pharmaceutical companies have jumped on the hoodia bandwagon, and are currently using the hoodia plant as an ingredient in making an effective weight loss supplement. With its natural appetite suppressing characteristics, many people believe hoodia to be one of the best and potentially a powerful weapon in the fight against obesity and on weight loss.

Hoodia Gordonii

Hoodia gordonii is the active ingredient that helps make these weight loss supplements very effective and potent. Although there are over 13 different varieties of hoodia, it is only the hoodia gordonii variety that has the appetite suppressing qualities, making it the only variety that is conducive for weight loss use. Basically, what hoodia gordonii does is that it suppresses the appetite of a person who takes the weight loss supplement, giving him a feeling of being full, thereby delaying his hunger until his next meal. This allows people to avoid binge eating since they do not get the feeling that they are hungry, especially in between meals. Hoodia tricks the brain into thinking that you have already eaten due to the fullness that you are feeling, reducing your craving for certain foods, as well as delaying the time for hunger to set in again after you have just taken a meal.

The molecule in hoodia gordonii that is responsible for suppressing the appetite is the P57, which is the ingredient that most pharmaceutical companies are trying to isolate from the hoodia plant in order for them to create a patented diet drug that basically functions in the same way. Unfortunately, the only part of the hoodia plant that contains the active ingredients that give hoodia weight loss supplements their appetite suppressing qualities is the plant's aerial stem. These are the parts that contain the most potent and most effective amounts of the active ingredient, which is why using roots, leaves, and other parts of the plants are not advisable if you want to create a diet pill or weight loss supplement that actually works.

In order for this weight loss supplement to work, each diet pill must contain at least 400mg of hoodia gordonii in order for the pill to remain effective and potent. In order to limit the amount of capsules that you take per day, you must make sure that each capsule that you are taking contains as much of the hoodia ingredient as possible, giving each capsule the highest potency rate and effectiveness. This can greatly decrease the number of capsules that you are taking per day.

This weight loss supplement is considered to be all natural, which is why hoodia appears to be very safe to a lot of people. The supplement, which is not considered to be a stimulant, have no known side effects, making it more attractive to people who are looking for other alternatives for losing weight. All that hoodia does is suppress the appetite of its users, thereby helping him in his overall weight loss effort, and making the entire process a whole lot easier, especially since you can eliminate or reduce one of the main causes of obesity or being overweight, and that is overeating.