Homeworkout Routine

by : Clinton Walker

Home workout routine
Lose up to 15 pounds in 7 weeks
without going to the gym

A good home workout routines can help you lose up to 15 pounds without leaving home. It is possible to accomplish this goal in about 7 weeks if you complete the program properly. With a good home workout and diet plan you can workout at home for the first few months of your body transformation. Home workouts can be an effective way to lose fat. With a combination of dieting and minimum equipment you can jump start your workout right from home.

Sample Workout #1
1. Jogging /walking intervals
Start out with a brisk 3 minute walk. After three minutes start jogging until you reach your limit. When you reach your limit start back to walking brisky for two minutes. After two minutes start back jogging and try to complete the same amount of time you did on the first jog. When you have completed that time start back walking for two minutes. Continue the same routine until you have completed a total time of 30 minutes. Carefully record the times with a stop watch.
2. Stretch for about 3 to 5 minutes
Take your time and make sure you are stretched properly
3. Jump rope
Perform 3 sets of 100 jumps with the rope. You must complete all sets and reps before you stop, even if you have to take a few seconds to recover. Complete all of the reps.
4. Walking
Walk carrying 2 ? pounds dumbbells for 10 minutes. This must be performed outside or on a treadmill. Walking in place is not a substitute for walking outside.
5. Jump rope
Perform 2 sets of 100 jumps with the rope. You must complete all sets and reps before you stop, even if you take a few seconds to recover. Complete all of the reps.
6. stretch for 3 to 5 minutes
The workout above is great to try for results. If you would like a customized home workout and diet contact me at fullbodymakeover@yahoo.com All home workouts are designed to burn 500 to 700 calories. It should be perform 6 to 7 days a week Since you are doing it at home there is no excuse to miss a workout. This workout will give you fantastic results to get you ready for the gym in the future. This was just a sample workout but a customized workout works best. It takes in considerations your age, weight, height abilities, and goals.
Here are 7 tips to effectively lose with your home workout routine
1. If you don't have a treadmill be willing to jog or walk outside. If you don't like being outside then invest in a treadmill. It is probably best to save the money and go outside and jog or run.
2. Each workout should last at least one full hour. Make sure you perform each exercise completely for the complete time. Taking even one minute or changing the workout will cause your changes to go down. You should not split your workout into separate session. For example: You can not do 20 minutes now and 20 minutes later. You have to do the full hour at one time.
3. Diet correctly. You are wasting your time If you are not willing to diet alone with exercising.
4. DON'T make excuses!! This is a home workout so you should be able to do everything listed. The more excuses you make the less weight you will lose. JUST DO IT!!!
5. Each individual has diet needs, eating habits, and health issues. If you are serious about making this effective you should get your home workout customized
6. You can not do the same thing with the same times and expect improvement. You have to improve with your times and performance daily. If you jog 3 minute one day try for 4 the next. Changing your intensity and routines are very important to success.
7.This workout is only suppose to last about a few months. After a couple months this workout becomes less effective. At this point you need to join a gym or a facility with enough equipment. A gym will have enough equipment to properly start a weightlifting routine. This is essential if you desire long term results.