Is Hoodia Gordonii Safe to Use?

by : Eliza Maledevic Ayson

The South African wonder plant Hoodia Gordonii has recently climbed the ranks as an effective weight loss supplement, bringing health observers to predict that it will soon reach the popularity that the likes of L-carnitine and Senna have enjoyed for the past years.

However, as with any other herb or pill claiming to promote faster weight loss, the question still remains: is hoodia gordonii safe to use?

The answer to this is a relative one. Currently, there are no scientific studies that prove the effectiveness of hoodia gordonii. And as there is no authoritative paper trail that follows it, its side effects and safety level remains unclear. Proponets of hoodia gordonii, however, strongly claim that because the pill is made of natural ingredients and contains no caffeine, like most diet pills, it is very safe to use and will not cause adverse reactions.

If we take the supporters of hoodia gordonii at their word, then, yes, hoodia gordonii is safe. But given that documentary and scientific proof are hazy, it's best to be on the safe side and if we are to use it, to use it in moderation.

They say hoodia gordonii is safe based on the fact that the Kalahari Bushmen, who have been using the herb for centuries, didn't see any ill effects manifested on themselves. In fact, Kalahari Bushmen are some of the healthiest and most physically active tribes documented. This, of course, does not count as valid evidence that using the pill is safe. For one, the Bushmen don't use medications that may counteract with the workings of hoodia gordonii like we do. Second, it can't be that perfect.

Not to sound pessimistic but there remains no diet pill that has exhibited zero side effects. Because people react differently to different stimuli, it's not likely that hoodia gordonii is safe for everyone. Doctors recommend against using the pill for diabetics. Hoodia's appetite suppressing ability springs from the mechanism where the brain is conditioned to believe that it already has enough sugar in the blood. This is a potentially dangerous situation for those whose lives depend on blood sugar monitoring, as the response to the drug can be very misleading.

Nevertheless, there is no doubt that hoodia gordonii is a potent weight loss aide. And because it is of natural formulation, many weight watchers prefer to take it over the popular chemically-produced diet pills in the market today. The fact that it is made of natural ingredients awards it a thumbs up from many.

Is hoodia gordonii safe to use? We can't really say as of now. For those who have already tried it and succeeded in losing the extra poundage without any hassles, then, yes, it probably is. But, then, again, how it fares during long-term use is yet to be revealed. Until scientific evidence is presented about hoodia gordonii, then we can never really say that it is a hundred percent safe to use.

Vanessa Arellano Doctor