Various Dimensions of Weight Loss and Suitability of Hoodia

by : Emily King

Obesity is generally defined with the help of body mass index (BMI). This is a numeral value, which we get by divining the weight of a person in kilogram with square of his height in meters. In developed nations of Europe and America, body mass index 23 to 27 is considered as normal weight. Body mass index above 27 is considered as overweight. An overweight man, whose BMI is 30 or more than that, is considered as an obese.

Unfortunately, obesity is growing all over the world. As obesity can be a cause of some serious troubles like cardio-vascular diseases, arthritis therefore weight loss, for every obese, becomes essential. Obesity can be eliminated with help of suppression of appetite. An appetite suppressant should be used only when the body mass index is 30 or above it. The appetite suppressant should be free of any side effect. It should be easily available. Above of all things, it should have high efficacy.

Hoodia has all these qualities. The efficacy of this medication is proven in the usages for centuries. Hoodia plant is the queen of vegetation in the Kalahari Desert of southern Africa. The tribal people of this region used to chew Hoodia before going for hunting in the desert. Chewing Hoodia was essential for survival in the desert. Hoodia is effective; the existence of tribes in the Kalahari Desert is the proof of efficacy of Hoodia.

Tribal people used to chew Hoodia, but for you Hoodia appetite suppressant is available in forms of pills, capsules and health drink. Phytopharm and Unilever are two pharmaceutical companies which are developing, manufacturing and marketing Hoodia diet drug for obese.

The medication is available without any prescription of doctor. If you are normal condition of health and you are suffering from obesity then you can use this medication without any prescription. However, it is strictly advisable to consult a doctor before using Hoodia. Hoodia is not meant for pregnant ladies, breast feeding mothers and ladies planning to conceive soon. Children and patients of fat generated cardio vascular disease are also forbidden from using Hoodia.

A pill or capsule daily with a glassful of water is the pattern of dosage of Hoodia. Hoodia can be used for a year. During this period one can easily get remarkable results of Hoodia medication in weight loss. Hoodia is manufactured from P-57, which is an extract of Hoodia Gordonii plant. Since Hoodia is made only from herbal extract thus it does pose your body on the risk of any side effect.

Hoodia can be easily purchased through an online order. Buy Hoodia through an online order and get the medication at cheaper rate at your doorstep. Use Hoodia and carve your in perfect dimension.