Perhaps More Potent Anti-obesity Option

by : Steve Jackson

seems to have taken the anti-obesity stake-holders the world over by storm. The medical fraternity claimed this to be an ultimate in treating obesity that is killing people all over the world. An Acomplia report page announces, highly anticipated diet drug Acomplia (rimonabant) went on sale in Sweden on Nov. 10th, but the far-more exciting news for manufacturer Sanofi-Aventis was that the cost of the weight-loss pill will be reimbursable by Sweden's public health service."

Indeed the socially advanced societies can do that for their beloved citizens. The report goes that the health services in Denmark and Ireland have also agreed to reimburse patients for the drug, but in Germany -- the European Union's largest market -- the regulatory body that decides which medicines will be covered by insurers classified Acomplia as a "lifestyle" drug not eligible for reimbursement.

Sanofi has said it will appeal the German decision if it is upheld by the German Health Ministry, the Acomplia report page informs.

Other than Sweden, eight European Union countries and Argentina have Acomplia diet pills on sale. The weight-loss diet pills have been allowed green signal for sale in Mexico, but not before the beginning of the year 2007.

The information on acomplia is being evaluated across the concerned quarters and caution is being observed in some sections of the stakeholders. Meanwhile could be purchased for the first hand experimentation as how it works on you. Buy Acomplia across the pharmacies, say in UK and get to the new drug on the block yourself.

It is for sure that the drug has been tested for toxicity and other safety parameters. The reaction of the drug normally varies from one individual to another and it is only through mass usage that one gets to know the nature of the formulation.

More information on Acomplia should come forward and the concerned are actually observing a wait and watch policy.