Weight Loss Diet Pills

by : Petr Thomas

There is an alarming rise in the numbers of obese or overweight adults and children. 30% of UD adults are obese. These increase rates raise concern because of their implications. Being overweight or obese increases the risk of many diseases and health conditions.

The conventional methods of eating right and keeping active seems to have failed to curb this increasing problem of obesity. Prescription diet pills can only be prescribed to patients with a very high BMI. These medications also have serious side effects and make them unsuitable for many. Drugs of this class used in obesity are commonly known as anorectics.

Phedimetrazine diet pills:
Phendimetrazine is a prescription diet pill and is used as a short-term treatment for obesity. Phedimetrazine is available under several brand names like Adipost, Anorex - SR, Appecon, Bontril PDM, Bontril Slow Release, Melfiat, Obezine, Phendiet, Plegine, Prelu-2, and Statobex. The immediate release formulation is available in 35mg tablets and capsules. Other brand or generic formulations may also be available.

Information of Phendimetrazine's mechanism of action as related to weight loss is limited and unclear. The decreased appetite seen with Phendimetrazine diet pills is equally attributed to their excitatory action on the brain and to as yet unknown effects on metabolism. The end result, in either case, is decreased appetite and increased satiety. Thus food intake is reduced and the restricted calorie consumption is speculated to result in weight loss.

The rate of weight loss is greatest in the first weeks of therapy and tends to decrease in succeeding weeks. The amount of weight loss associated with the use of an anorectic drug varies from trial to trial.

The body gets used to their stimulatory effects and develops a tolerance. At this point, a further increase in the dose will only aggravate the adverse effects of the drug.

Considering this and possible side effects, is not the most effective diet pills. It is recommended only as a short term solution (3 weeks at the most) and in cases where obesity is purely related to excessive calorie intake.

People with mild hypertension and diabetes need strict supervision of their doctor.

Phendimetrazine diet pills have effects on other organs too. It also increases blood pressure. Once the therapy is started the drug should not be stopped suddenly. It would lead to fatigue and depression.

People with symptomatic heart or blood vessel disease, hypertension, thyroid disorders, anxiety disorders, drug abuse or allergies to any class of drugs are not suitable for Phendimetrazine diet pills.

One can buy online. There are number of Internet pharmacies cheap Phendimetrazine. Competition between online drug stores can get you low prices. It is advisable though, to make sure that you are buying these drugs from a certified internet pharmacy.