5 Steps to Feel Sexy Even If Being Overweight

by : Anna Overweight No More

Do you feel down for not feeling sexy or fiends/family tellingyou, "You look disgusting, lose weight!"? Cheer up! First, donot let others affect your self-esteem because you are special.Hey, life is too short, forget about negative friends who putyou down. Start spending more time with supportive friends whocan give you moral support while losing weight. The good pointis that you can make the commitment to lose weight foryourself, not to please others, but you! Now, you and I canagree to "keep our commitment to lose weight and be overweightno more!" Hence, let's take action and follow these simple 5steps to feel sexy even if being overweight:

1. Certainly, you too can start feeling sexy while you losethose unwanted pounds of fat! Is this not a good news, yesor yes? Absolutely, because you are sexy! Ok, Anna, I hear yousister, tell me more. Great, now we are cooking, listencarefully and most of all with a positive attitude.

2. The best way to feel more sexy is adopting a "sexy attitude,enjoying how your body is transforming, start pampering yourbodies. Ok, Anna continue, I am listening. Great! So we aretalking the same language, let's go on.

3. Start rewarding yourself with a sexy shower, transformingyour regular take it for granted regular shower. We can preparea nice shower by lighting a candle (preferably aromatic), usebody oil, and why not keeping a half glass of wine with ourfavorite music as background? Or how about your favorite juice?Awesome.. just awesome.

4. Let's get rid of our OVERWEIGHT extra big shirts and startbuying sexier clothes that make us look good (a word ofcaution, don't buy too small a size where you will have theopposite effect). Now, it is your attitude, feel sexy,comfortable, with a high self-esteem.

5. Get a new perfume, some new jewelry, new shoes. Hey, takeadvantage today and get the things you thought were sexy forothers but not for you. Now, you are in control!

Remember, you are cooking all the way to unleash your idealweight, so this is practice time. Boy, how I love this practicetime! Start walking sexy, keep your environment clean, add someflowers, etc. Use your creativity. "Anna, you are right, I amsexy!" Say it louder, I can't hear you. (say it louder now)Ok, ok, ok, don't yell, I HEAR YOU! Now, practice these few tipsand let me know how you did.

Until next time and just as the song says, "I'm too sexy for mybones, too sexy for my bones" Come on, let's sing togetherbecause "You are also too sexy for your bones!" Wowww you arecertainly looking sexy already!!!



Anna "Overweight? NO MORE!" lost over 80 pounds from 230pounds and has kept the weight off for 3 years. If I did it, socan you!

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