Taking Control of Your Cellulite

by : Burke Jones

Cellulite happens to us for many reasons. Some reasons-- likegenetics or hormones -- you can do very little about. Butcellulite is also related to a number of other factors that youCAN work with and improve.

Cellulite affects 90% of women and a much smaller percentage ofmen. The condition is such a complex one that no real cure isconsidered to be available. Some products, therapies andprocedures do claim to be cures but the jury is still very muchout on the subject of getting rid of cellulite.

The unsightly symptoms are found on the soft, fleshy parts ofwomen's thighs, buttocks, stomachs and upper arms. Though it isoften associated with sedentary people, who are also overweight,the condition can make itself at home on the fit thighs andbuttocks of marathon runners.

Opinions vary as to the exact causes of cellulite but most agreethat something happens in the tissues to slow down and handicapthe ordinary processes of lymph and blood circulation in thecapillaries of the subcutaneous tissue. Some experts believethat excess fat will make the fat cells in the mesoderm swell,placing a strain on the surrounding connective tissue andresulting in a compromised microcirculation. Others believe thatthe situation is created by a genetic disposition coupled withhormonal imbalances.

The tissue responds to its embattled circumstances by formingextended tissue strands called septae that restrict the fatcells and cause the rippled, lumpy skin surface indicative ofcellulite. The resulting sluggish and damaged microcirculationallows lymph fluid to leak into the surrounding tissue whilehampering the transport of nutrients.

With this deeper understanding of exactly what is happeningbeneath the skin of the affected areas we can make informeddecisions on what to do to alleviate the symptoms and revive theskin.

Here are some important aspects of a comprehensive cellulitereduction program:

Losing the Excess

Any plan to alleviate the symptoms of cellulite must include ahealthy weight loss program for those carrying more than theirhealthy body weight. Excess weight causes fat cells to swellcontributing to the tissue strain that results in the orangepeel effect.

A diet rich in fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as a goodeight glasses of water a day to flush toxins, will begin therestorative process of proper nutrition at the point of origin.Making sure that your diet includes plenty of all the necessaryvitamins especially B for stress, as well as C, bioflavonoidsand minerals is a good way to begin the recovery process.

Eating Right

Vigorous exercise is an absolute necessity. It will help tostimulate sluggish circulation throughout the body as well astargeting the troubled areas. Regular exercise, at least threetimes a week for 40 minutes or more, will have far reachingeffects on many of the body's systems, firing up metabolism andgetting the lymph and blood flowing.

Laying on Hands and Lotion

Milder cases of cellulite can be ministered to by means of agood massage regime using one or other of the reputable creamsand lotions on the market. Many creams contain natural botanicalingredients that are tissue decongestants as well as stimulantsfor the microcirculation.

Consider having a few deep tissue massages from experts andlearn some tips. Go home and practice on yourself. The moreattention the problem areas receive the more dynamic and alivethe tissues will become. Circulation will improve and toxins canbe convinced to evacuate.

Consulting the Real Experts

Serious cases of cellulite may benefit from the advice of realexperts. You will have to employ serious discernment whenfiguring out whom to turn to. The Internet offers youunprecedented opportunities to check and recheck claims.Procedures can be thoroughly researched before deciding whichprogram to go for. Be skeptical. In this day and age it is thereasonable response to the plethora of false promises thatthreaten to take advantage of the vulnerable.