Oh God! I Pray to Lose Weight

by : Sara

Welcome to The Light Weigh, a Christian Diet program whichprospered in the last few years. You may laugh at it. You willfind it impracticable. But it has been favorable for people whowent on the God's way to lose weight. Are you curious to learnmore about this simple but effective diet process?

The Light Weigh Christian Diet program The faith based dietbelieves that the best way to lose weight is to ask God to help.Call it a spiritual growth weight loss program, here God is theguide. And whenever you feel tempted with the food, you pray.Long for a brownie or a cookie, pray immediately. It alsoincorporates religious teachings and prayer for weight loss. TheLight Weigh Christian Diet quotes the Bible: "You fast withlove" "You fast with devotion to the cross"

Dieters also watch videos which promote eating less and eatingonly when hungry. The primary focus of the diet program is notfood but it's God. Supporters of this program comment that whenpeople begin to realize that they must turn to God, they queueup to follow these diets. When the country has finished tryingeverything from high protein diets to low carb diet programs,they turn back to God. The diet messengers of God meet everyweek, meet and discuss about their diet progress and study theBible. People have lost 10 pounds, 20 pounds and some of themeven up to 90 pounds.

Dieters say that choosing this diet program has brought themcloser to God. It is the vital progress that they have made andweight loss is an added perk. Whenever they had a problem,people overate and felt miserable. Today they find solace inGod.

Though the Light Weigh diet program has not been as popular asthe Atkins diet or South Beach diet, there are people who haveturned to faith to support a weight loss cause. Few find itridiculous, some chose to disbelieve the diet's credibilitywhere as many others voted for weight loss pills or other dietplans. But for the Light Weigh supporters, they would showcomplete faith in their novel weight loss program as long as itbrings them closer to God and add the extra perk of weight lossnow and then.