Convert Your Car To Run On Water, As Well As Gas

by : Adam Poole

So the big question is can I turn water into a fuel that will power a car? The answer is yes, and the technology has actually been around for over 90 years. Today people around the world are rediscovering this and they are using fuel conversion kits to convert their cars to run on water, in addition to gas.

The history of this technology goes back over 90 years, it was than called oxyhydrogen; which is a mixture of hydrogen and oxygen gases, when ignited the gas mixture converts to water vapor and releases energy. This gaseous mixture is widely used for torches for the processing of refractory materials.

The purpose of the kit is not to convert the car to run completely on water, but to enable the car to run on both water and gas. The way this works is by converting water into a gas that acts as a supplement to aid in the combustion of gasoline, and this reduces fuel consumption.

Obviously the main benefit to this technology is that it improves the mpg that your car gets, and in many cases the gains have been by as much as 60%, but this is not the only benefit. Another major benefit is that there is much less wear and tear on your vehicle. Some other benefits are that you will be reducing your carbon foot print, reducing your dependence on oil, and improving your cars performance.

With the national average of gasoline recently hitting $4.00 per gallon, now is the time to convert your car to run on water, as well as gas. You can like thousands of others around the world buy the plans with parts included for around $100 to $150, so do not fall victim to the ready built kits that are selling for over $1000 dollars. You will save hundreds of dollars by assembling your own water car conversion kit from instructions that you can find online. The entire process of converting your car will only take one weekend, and you will save hundreds if not thousands on gasoline.

This offers a cost effective immediate solution to our "energy crisis", and pollution right now!

With this technology you can:

• Possible double your mileage
• Clean up your emissions
• Increase your engines power
• Reduce your carbon foot print

I have to admit; when I first heard of this I had a hard time believing it. But after I researched it, tested it my self and after seeing the results I now tell every one I can about it. This is something that I use, and I have helped my family and friends install on their vehicles. It is something that is growing in popularity and with the price of gas it is no wonder why. Do your self a favor and at least take a few minutes to research this, and you will not regret it.

If you would like to find out more about the process, and read what others are saying than visit the site below.