Car Insurance is More Than Additional Expenses

by : Jon Caldwell

Think fuel is an expensive thing among many? Well, insurance premiums are next to the list. Until you replace your car, car insurance is a regular uncheap thing you have to pay. A 35 year old person driving a 1.6 to 1.8-litre family car acquires around £500 worth of car insurance and the prices are steadily rising. As expected, if you drive big executive car models and flashy sports, your premiums will cost much, much more. The hardest hit in this are the inexperienced, risk-prone under-25s are hardest hit even if they own the cheap and small cars.

If you have a desperate friend who wants to make use of your car for about 3 days or so, but unfortunately, you worry that your precious "baby" (your car) will be on somebody else's hands, then don't bother. UK residents attention: there's a solution to your plight. Your car can still be insured even though another one uses it. All you need to do is register the other user and your car as well to get this great offer. The short term insurance's coverage is from day 1 to day 28, and will cover an amount of about 40,000 pounds.

Erie Insurance Group of Pennsylvania conducted a survey about the risks of teenage driving. The results were impressive; however, a faulty hole can be seen in their answers. 91% of the teenagers who participated in the survey swear that they're driving safely but if we are to delve on how they drive (there's a difference), you will discover that most of them take on calls, doodle with their phones (text message), play earsplitting music that can sometimes be very distractive etc. while driving. Recent bans have been made in some states regarding the use of mobile phones inside the car. However, stubborn individuals have got creativity: thank goodness for speaker phones.

For vintage car collectors and/or lovers, or for those are still planning to start on collecting old cars as a hobby (perhaps for business purposes too), you might as well get your cars insured. Since your cars are special, they too must have a special kind of insurance and not just the typical kind of insurance you get for your ordinary car. There are numerous set of rules that vintage car owners should keep in mind. Aside from the car's age (should be at least 15 years old), the owner should have another car of his/her own (apart from the vintage car you are registering an insurance for), and a separate garage where you could shelter the said collectible. Indeed an expensive hobby to bear.

New York City is one of the most expensive cities to live in. If you're wealthy (perhaps that's one of the reasons why you're living there) and can live up with the expensive cost of living, then read no further. You probably have a hefty car insurance of your own. But for those who are there because of some other reasons (i.e. job relocation and the like), this one's for you.

Normally, car insurance in New York costs around $10,000.00 for property damage and a whopping $50,000.00 for basic coverage. These are pretty costly for an upper-middle individual; however, you could actually find some cheap auto insurance for your car online