Practical Air Tool Sets

by : Christa Kowalczyk

An air tool is reliable, powerful, quick, efficient and probably the safest tool in the market these days. When buying an air tool, you can opt for an air tool set that is durable enough to help you through the task of maintaining and repairing your sweet home.

An air tool is reliable, powerful, quick, efficient and probably the safest tool in the market these days. Air tools can help you do your chores quickly, especially if it is heavy work. Air tools run on compressed air. It is more powerful than the usual electric tools. It is also very versatile and easy to use. Air tools are usually called "pneumatic".

Listed below are some of the brand names and specifications of air tools.

• Craftsman 10 pieces Air Tool Set: This air tool set has a ½ inches impact wrench, 3/8 inches ratchet wrench, 25 feet air hose, air hammer as well as different accessories. Craftsman's ratchet wrench has a quality value of about 160 free speed and 45 feet. The air tool's wrench produces 1,329 impacts per second, as well as 7,000 free speeds. Plus, it has a built-in regulator power. The air hammer has an alloy barrel, a smooth fluid motion as well as 403 shank chisels.

• Maxam 71pieces Pneumatic Air Tool Set: This air tool set has two wrenches. These two wrenches are the 5/8 ratchet wrench and the 2/4 impact wrench. This tool set also has a 150milimeter air hammer. It also has an air die cutter blade, air rage gun, adaptor, impact socket, rubber nozzle, safety nozzle, sanding drum and sanding sleeve. You can use all the air tool equipment in minimizing your house work.

• Specialized Dual Air Tool Set: This air tool set has a shiny aluminum pump as well as spacey clips. They are used in mountain bike groups and bottle cages. Both the screw head of the bikes usually open up in order to release oil. The dual head generally pumps either the Shraeder or Presta, without changing the snug valves. The Special Dual air tool set has a M51 hammer. Moreover, this air tool set has an average price of one hundred twenty US dollars. Thus, the Special Dual Air Tool Set is appropriate for all types of mountain bikes.

• Speedway Air Tool Set plus twelve Accessories: This brand of air tool set is suitable for all car types. It has a 7 ½ drive V sockets, 1 ½ drive impact wrench, 1 3/8 derive ratchet wrench, a line oiler and a carrying case.

• HG 2520 ESD Air Tool: This ESD air tool is an electrostatic gun. The HG has a secure programmable warmth gun with lockable control buttons. This is for airflow and temperature. It even has nozzles for heavy working conditions such as paint removal and plastic welding.

• Air Tool Set Seventy one pieces: This seventy-one piece air tool set is perfectly designed for automotive work. This air tool set has a handy brawny carrying case with a rubber grip. The set contains a ½ air drive impact wrench, 3/8 air drive ratchet wrench, 150melimeter air hammer as well as a ¼ air die cutter. It has a gross weight of approximately 8.86kilograms.

• Fifty pieces Air Tool Set Bell Control: This air tool set is built for a home handyman. It has an impact socket, Allen wrench, impact wrench, a nozzle and a chisel. It is a great help in minimizing the effort being given. Moreover, it can get great results in doing house work alone. It is available at an affordable price of one hundred twenty dollars.

• Home Right Pro Heat Air Tool: This air tool set features a changeable speed heat with a LED heat display. This is along with a selection of specialized nozzles. This PRO heat air tool can work by softening adhesives, bending plastic, removing floor tiles as well as removing speed ventilation mud. It has a1300 watts electricity and approximately 150 degrees F up to 1120 degrees F temperature.

• Powermate Coleman Air Tool Set Value Pack: This air tool set is a value pack. This is due to the fact that it has the most well-known tools. This is perfect around the house for it has all the things you need for such in-house maintenance and for fixing certain things. Aside from this, it has a 115 impact wrench, a 139 ratchet wrench, 158 millimeter air hammer, 116 die grinder, 12 air duster connector, 2 blow guns and a safety nozzle.