How To Build A Hydrogen Generator To Run Your Car On Water

by : Dr.Eswararamanan VR

Many people have inquired as to just how to build a hydrogen generator to run your car on water because today's society is all about the bottom line, the big picture and who can keep up with the Jones' the longest before the pocket book breaks. We all know this government is run on oil companies. They protect them with our lives but what happens when we no longer need their oil or, at the very least, the majority of it? That means the fighting for oil reserves dwindles, needless death tolls go along with it and we can finally become free and just. Until that happens, however, we are stuck.

Oil companies hate backing electric cars or hybrids, they dislike alternative fuels like vegetable oil, water or ethanol. So what are we to do then? We do what our forefathers did - we fight back. They were not happy with taxes so they through tea overboard in Boston - we stop using gas and oil as much as possible. Hybrids are expensive because they want to deter us from purchasing them until they can figure out to make money on them.

Hydrogen can be the next big thing and I was able to build a hydrogen generator for below $125! And all I had to do was go down the Home Depot - by doing this my gas bills in my car have been split in half. Unfortunately you cannot do away with the combustion engine in the car - what the hydrogen generator does is supplement it, making your car more efficient with its use of gasoline. The gas mileage is increased, you burn less fuel and there you have it: savings.

In order to build a hydrogen generator you will need a guide that is in-depth, the right tools and some technical know-how. I'm not allowed to divulge anything too in depth as the inventors would have my hide or the hide of the server hosting this article. The basic "idea", however, is not copyrighted.

A container, not to not to big, is installed snugly in the engine compartment. It gets filled with water as well as a bit of baking soda. The other connections will eventually lead into the water with battery cables so when the car battery strikes the water with baking soda a chemical reaction happens as the molecules of the water break to what scientist's call "Brown's Gas". Brown's Gas uses the vacuum of the engine to enter into the engine manifold then into the engine what it is mixed with your regular gasoline. This makes the gasoline's combustion properties burn more fluently, more efficient - a complete combustion if you will.

Don't worry - there is no tampering with the engine or the computer and this device works with fuel injected systems as well as late model cars that use carburetors. You can get 50-100% gas mileage. Like I said earlier - gas prices will not go down until we stop relying on it. Until we do - they will keep going up until we stop and by then we will all be bankrupt while politicians and oil tycoons will remain at the top of the food chain.