How To Change A Tire

by : Brenda Williams

Many people grow up and never learn how to do basic car maintenance. However, one of the most useful things you can learn to do on your car is how to change a tire. That way you can avoid dealing with AAA or another roadside assistance service.

First, pull off somewhere that is safe to perform the tire change and make sure the area you choose is level. Then put your car into park. Turn on your four way flashers if you are on the side of a road for added protection. Next, retrieve you car's emergency tire, and other tools from the location that they are stored in. Then you will need to loosen the lug nuts on the tire. Just turn each lug nut about ½ ways clockwise. Do not completely remove the lug nuts before you jack up the car as it can cause the tire to fall on you.

Now, you are ready to jack the car off the ground. Make sure you position the jack in a good spot for use, otherwise you might find yourself with the jack breaking or the jack moving the car much higher than you actually need to. Now, since your car is jacked up, you may remove the lug nuts from the tire safely. Make sure you keep them around as you will need them to reattach your spare tire to the car. Remove the flat tire from your car and place it off on the side. Align the holes of the spare tire with the holes on the axle before attempting to place the tire on the car. Also, make sure you see the air valve stem pointing towards you, otherwise you put the tire on incorrectly. If you notice that the air valve stem is pointing away from you, take the tire off and spin it around on the ground. The air valve will now be pointing towards you and facing the correct direction.

Now that the tire is on, and you have located the lug nuts we placed elsewhere earlier, you can reattach the tire. Take your lug nut wrench and tighten in two lug nuts, located opposite of each other. Then continue to work around you spare tire in a star pattern. This will allow you to make sure all lug nuts are replaced on your vehicle and that your spare tire will stay on it until you can have a new tire put on. Once you have securely reattached your lug nuts back onto the tire, slowly lower the car back to level ground. You can remove the jack and other equipment.

You have changed a tire all by yourself and saved yourself the hassle and time of waiting for roadside assistance. However, do not neglect taking your car to an auto repair shop to have a new tire put on. Also, do not forget to replace the equipment you took out of your car. This equipment will come in handy again and you would probably enjoy having it at the ready when you need it next.