Double Your Mileage; Without Buying a Hybrid!

by : Scott Jason

I saw a news segment this morning about hybrid cars. It covered what was available, what you can expect to pay, and how long it would take to pay for itself. It's not surprising really. With even the cheapest gas at four dollars a gallon and climbing, there have been quite a lot of feature stories like this. Just yesterday in fact (Sunday June 1, 2008) Good Morning America did a great piece. With a whole fleet of nice hybrids and an expert on hand to point out the good and bad of each, this was one of the most informative segments yet. However, something still bugs me. It seems like nobody bothers explaining how you can double the gas mileage of your own car or truck, with just ordinary tap water, all for a couple hundred dollars.

The basic technology of extracting hydrogen gas from water has been around a long time but it wasn't until gasoline and diesel started getting really expensive that regular people like you and me started hearing about it.

I can't speak for anyone else butI'll share my own experience. A while back I got really fed up with gas jumping in price every single time I filled up so I started hunting for an alternative solution. After a couple months of scouting I found that Hydrogen from water seemed the best solution. I originally planned to buy a kit for $1,500 It looked simple enough. I would just have to refill the fuel cell every few months with distilled water. But then I heard about a kit I could build myself for about $100 ($49 for the instruction manual and $56 for the parts from a local hardware store.) Long story short, I tried it on my 1995 Isuzu Pickup truck and went from 21 mpg to 39 mpg and better! Another nice little side effect was that my emissions became a lot cleaner (no more nasty smell when idling at traffic lights.)

I'll admit I was kind of scared to get under the hood and do the actual installation so I asked my brother in law to help me install it. I was a little embarrassed when he opened the manual I gave him, used a couple tools I keep under the kitchen sink, and did it in about 20 minutes. But I'm sure not embarrassed now that I only go to the pump half as often. I love it!

As far as safety, I've had people say "But isn't it dangerous?" Again, being a bit of a worrier I had the same concerns but then realized if anything it's the safest solution I could find. Not to mention the cheapest. Since the hydrogen gas is created in tiny volume, only as needed, it's no more dangerous in my mind than having a bottle of drinking water in the car. And for that matter, the hybrid expert on TV left us viewers with some sobering thoughts about purchasing a hybrid, chief among them being safety. Here are a few that stood out to me...

1.) Due to their special lightweight designs most hybrids tend to be less safe than regular vehicles.

2.) On average a hybrid costs 50% more than the same all gas powered vehicle.

3.) Even with rising gas prices, a hybrid typically takes 3 to 10 years to pay for itself.

4.) Some of the best hybrids that used to qualify for a government tax break, don't anymore (like the Toyota Prius.)

To create your own hydrogen hybrid, there are a couple ways to go. You can go one of two ways. You can either use a system that works with ordinary tap water (like from any household faucet) or a system that uses distilled water with an activation agent (like baking soda.) Both systems work extremely well and cost just about the same to build and install. I'll give you a couple links to get you started.

First is the one I've used, that works with plain tap water. I picked this because I didn't want to be bothered with worrying about having distilled water on hand when I needed it. And I'm really glad I did. The results are amazing!

"" is a good resource where you can buy the complete easy to understand instruction manual for $49,

They guarantee at least a 40% increase in mileage using their methods. But once more, I got better than double that on my old pickup truck.

Or you can go with one like "Water for Gas", which uses distilled water in its fuel cell. The full instruction manual is $97 (and still a bargain) and available from

Turning my vehicle into a hydrogen hybrid was the smartest thing I could have done. It runs cleaner and better than ever. Better still it only costs about half as much each month to run. Forget about 5 or 6 years to have a hybrid car payoff. The simple system I use paid for itself in less than a month!

I really hope that you also get the chance to experience how incredible it feels. Good luck!