Vehicle Collisions Are Not Always The Truck Drivers Fault

by : Matthew A. Barr

Sometimes people can be unfair about judging other people. One example of such fault is during a time when accidents involving trucks and other vehicles or pedestrians happen. Truck drivers have been seen to be lazy irresponsible people. And truck accidents have automatically assumed to be the fault of the truck drivers.

Because of this many individuals and even many lawyers capitalize on this. Lawyers recruit complainants to press charges against truck drivers and truck companies. And many individuals are in such a hurry to hire lawyers. All of these are done in pursuit of cash settlement. Being underdogs in accidents involving trucks, many individuals are actually awarded cash. There are times though that trucks are taken advantage of this way.

While there are irresponsible semi truck drivers, many are clean and honest people who just want to earn a living. On the part of the truck operators, they conduct regular training programs for their drivers. This is because an accident involving a semi truck and another vehicle can bring tremendous damage to the other party. With its sheer size, accidents happening even at slow speeds can still bring serious damages.

With regular trainings, past accidents are brought to the attention of the drivers. The faults and mistakes of fellow drivers are highlighted so as to present the lesson to everyone. This way similar accidents will hopefully be prevented.

In addition to this, companies take the responsibility to hire truck drivers that have clean records. And they do everything they can to encourage drivers to maintain this good record. In fact, they would even offer rewards to drivers who go without any incidents in a specified length of time. Truck operators also do this to keep insurance premiums at minimum. The lower number of incidents one's fleet is involved in the cheaper his insurance will be.

If the statistics on accidents involving semi trucks is examined you will find out that the percentage is actually lower than that involving regular vehicles. Yet again, such accidents involving trucks are sensationalized more. What's worse is that the fault is automatically pointed on the driver. There could be times when this is true but a lot of times the weather and the road conditions are contributing factors to the accident too.

It is now the burden of truck drivers to point out that accidents are not their fault at all times. It would be advisable that they carry disposable cameras while on the road. This way they will be able to take pictures of the incident should an accident happen. Through visual images they will have a proof showing their innocence. Important details such as the date of the accident, the time, the conditions of the road during that time, and names of witnesses should also be noted. And then if you work for a trucking company, you should report the accident immediately so that assistance can be rendered to you.

Now even if people will point their fingers to you, the law will be on your side. You will have evidences and witnesses to prove your innocence.