Usa Supreme Technology Inc

by : Brian

The Ultimate security system for ANY car, truck, boat, or RV. This unit is built around the most advanced Biometrics Chip in the world. It is designed using our exclusive "True Living Biometrics Identification Technology", utilizing "Live Fingerprint Identification Characteristics" of pulse, blood pressure and temperature, in addition to its 3 Dimensional Scan Technology". Others mislead consumers by labeling their product with "Optical identification'. It may sound impressive but it's simply a one dimensional image that it stores in a data base. This method is easily circumvented with an image of the original print.

The units' function-extendable characteristics can be upgraded and conformed to your specific needs; while other similar products only perform one function (other devices have only one feature - the start function). This leaves no room for expansion and no product flexibility to extend the functions or to tap into future upgrades.

Our systems "out-of-the box" features; "anti car-jacking function" / "prevent fatigue driving function" / "hands free mobile phone convertible function" / "set multiple users for fleet management applications" / " setting the fingerprint authorization time limits" (which is ideal for rental applications) / and a host of other parameter modification functions.

Upgrades currently in development: A facial recognition system, car accident black-box system, and a remote control system for car pre-cooling and pre-heating...etc.

While others have a bulky, oversized design that limits Installation and requires cut-outs, or a hanging wire approach, our unit features a more compact design for installation as Plug-in type insertion that utilizes the OEM accessory notch.

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