Car Powered by Water - Using Tap Water to Run Car, Possible?

by : Andreas Lee

People are gradually being aware of the fact how much water is important to run a vehicle. As the prices for gas is increasing, automotive industry and drivers are finding out ways of creating cars powered by water. Cars cannot be fully run on water but both water and gasoline can be used in equal amounts to increase the mileage of the car. Hydrogen gas is used in these cars to add up more power. The power adds up to the mileage of the vehicle and thus runs longer distance than the usual cars.

Cars powered by water uses hydrogen to run. The automotive industry is trying to build up water-powered cars. The method used in these cars is called electrolysis. Electrolysis will lead to the production of a gas called HHO. This gas is also known as Brown gas. You can use only one quarter of water to run a car. This water will generate about 1800 gallons of gas. In the electrolysis process the power provider is none other than the car battery. Though it is still believed that the cars running on petrol are powerful yet, scientists are trying hard to utilize the energy from water to make these cars powerful.

The advantages of using cars powered by water are many. On the first place these cars has an enhanced mileage of about 100%. These cars run longer distance in less fuel thus are money savers. The engines of these cars are clean and more durable. These cars can be created by you in very less time. The materials required to create this type of car are available in any hardware stores. These materials are often found scattered in your own garage. Just create the hydrogen generators and find out how effective hydrogen is in order to run a car.

Cars powered by water do not require distilled water. Water from the tap can be used by you to run the car. Other products utilized in this process are cheap and easily available. The gas which is emitted from water powered cars are cleaner and has the by product of only water. This not only makes the environment cleaner but makes you eligible for IRS tax refunds. You can claim your IRS tax refunds only when you run an environment friendly car. So, what are you waiting for go and create your own water powered cars and increase your car's mileage.

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