Is This a Joke - Run My Car on Water?

by : Michael Lyall

Over the past few months I have watched how fuel prices have risen faster than the poor guy can paste the new figures above our local gas station.

How much higher can it go?

And what can we do to stop it?

Not being the type of person who just pays out a sum of money almost equivalent to a third world's national debt, I decided it was time to investigate what else we could do.

Personally using a bicycle, walking or buying a horse for transport (question: What do you do with pony 'poop' in the city?) is not the answer. And the local transit system - no comment! So I had to find another way to solve our problem.

Amazingly I discovered that a system was designed over 90 years ago whereby we could convert our engines to combine our fuel with water! Why has this technology been ignored for so long?

Plus I also discovered that this inexpensive conversion can be carried out by almost anybody, at home with no special tools and only takes a short time.

The research I started produced results I was not expecting. Everybody today talks about going green, we worry about pollution and global warming. I do not remember Al Gore talking about this type of technology!

It would appear that if you convert your car or truck, engines run cleaner, quieter, mileage can double and wait for this, you can even get a refund from the IRS!

I myself am certainly looking into this further; it was only a short time ago when people began to question why they should recycle everything. Now we automatically focus on the small changes we can make to our lifestyles in order to help protect the earth. Maybe by going green with our cars will be a possibility for all in the future. For now it would appear the biggest reason to make the change to our engines, is with pump prices rising by the hour, surely we can look to save money.

I still would like to ask the government why this system has never been developed further, but maybe with the profits on oil that's a question even I cannot ask.